Thursday, May 08, 2008

traffic jams are good

...because they can become fodder for very long stories.

it used to be a short story same time last year.

the story, paraphrased in normal english:

papa should be home soon. but he is stuck on the highway.the traffic light has turned green, so that means go. but no one can go. no one can go because in front of papa's red bus is a yellow truck. and behind the red bus are three cars- green, blue and black. next to the red bus is a yellow and black taxi. next to the taxi is a red motorbike. the traffic light has turned yellow and no one has been able to go, so now they have to wait. and look the light has turned red. so now they all have to stop and stay where they are. and so on...and so forth...

this was when she was tripping on colours. the traffic jam, and occasionally sounds of all the horns, would lull her into sleep out of sure boredom.

soon this trick failed to work, the traffic jams got longer, and i was ready to sleep out of mind numbing boredom.

so we added drama.

papa is so bored of the traffic that he takes his car to the side of the road( papa has many many modes of transport, so dont catch me on realistic details-he was in a red BEST bus in the last bit, but for this bit of the drama he needed his own car...)papa is so tired and he wants to come home to sanah soon and the traffic is not moving so papa starts to cry. he cries and cries and his tears start flowing out of the car. very soon the road gets flooded with papa's tears. people have to push their cars and buses to the side of the road to save their cars and trucks and buses. all of them are tired,they want to go home soon, they start weeping too. the road becomes a river. papa starts smiling, he has an idea. papa takes out a boat from his car and gently rows down the river/road and comes home.

but there is a problem to this ending. it is definite, its tangible, and she fights sleep so she can wait up for papa.

simple solution.

papa sings "row row row your boat, gently down the stream",

and he can go on and on and on singing this song until she gently goes into her dream.

or then.

everyone sees papa and thinks, wow, what an idea. and they all pull out boats, tyres, and whatever else and start merrily rowing until there is a.....traffic jam in the stream! the boats are honking. the tyres are spinning. people are shouting. and you can keep the story going

traffic jams zindabad.

its lasted all year...but as her questions get more complicated i am tempted to abandon this one, finally. mumma, car mein boat kaise fit hui? balloon ki tarah hai, usme papa ne hawa bhari aur boat ban gayi. mumma, boat mein row row row kaise kiya? papa ke bag mein do file thi, usse.

but then there is another story with papa as protagonist. when he was a little boy. and when he got angry he played the drums, beautifully. sorry gunter bhai. but its the starting point for one helluva story! and ganpati gets involved too. and it has the potential to stretch...


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

"gently rows down the river/road".. ROTFL! Please keep updating the story as it goes to papa getting into water sports and suchlike to overcome the bad, bad traffic. too cute!

SUR NOTES said...

ah! watersports! what an idea! thank you thank you...i do not need to abandon the story.

Space Bar said...

keep stretching, no?

dipali said...

Awesome stretchable story!
With mumma dozing off and Sanah adding the complications:)