Thursday, June 12, 2008

cheap thrills/ marcello who?

as a parent you can throw caution to the wind when it comes to getting cheap thrills! atleast for the time being...

so everytime the child would recognise sk, ak, AB and some of their films, i'd try and tell her about marcello mastroianni. i could have named many others, belmondo for one, but marcello has a ring to it that i hoped the child would pick up. she did not.

a few notes from OSO and she would scream sharukh, a white french beard anywhere,on anyone, and she would scream AB, snatches of any song of TZP and she would scream AK.

i would sing, yoddle marcello mastroianni and she would ignore. the father would smirk and tell all what a pathetic film snob i was.

well, the god of world cinema and hot italian stars was on my side. i stumbled upon a channel showing a film with marcello and sophia loren. can not find the name. well, the child, instead of switching off the tv if she thinks i am watching intently, sat with me and watched.

"kaun hai?" she asked.
absentmindedly i said, "marcello mastroianni".
something clicked," sanah, yeh hai marcello mastroianni", i said trying not to sound too eager or needy.
"marcello kya?"
"marcello mastroianni" , say it in your head and get hooked to the ring even if you choose to ignore the photo.
"marcello mastroianni aunty ko kya bol rahein hai?"
"sophia aunty ko?" she can be aunty, MM cannot be called uncle!

and so the conversation went on for a bit until sophia aunty and MM were being talked about very casually by sanah and her ma.

not one to let go of opportunities i asked her to tell papa about our new pal MM.

he comes back home.
papa, mujhe marcello mastroianni achcha lagta hai.

i chuckle and snort.

she looks at me pointedly and says,

aur shahrukh khan bhi.


Tania said...

Haha, she would be a good diplomat one day.
I love reading about her.Keep them coming.
BTW , do you have plans of screening Jahaji Music in the US in recent future(especially in Detroit or Chicago)?Do let me know.

dipali said...

Nothing if not loyal. I love you, Sanah.

SUR NOTES said...

tania: no no, she is no diplomat. the father cares two hoots for SRK. she was just trying to make her point to ME. MM is fine, but so is SRK! damn her taste in stars!

dipali: :)

Maggie said...

LOL! Can't have Mama feeling all self-important now, can we? What would we do without our little girls to keep us grounded? ;-p

sushma said...

it just shows that she has her own identity, she is willing to experiment without letting go her own opinion.
she is a girl to my heart
keep up sanah , it is hard enough to keep your own identity amidst such strong personalities that surround you .
arre are you listening

dipali said...

Sur, how did she manage to get her tongue around Marcello Mastroianni?
She's speaking very well, I must say!

Banno said...

:) MM and SRK is a heady combination. I agree with Sanah totally in her choices.

ajay noronha said...

hahahah! sur sur! kya hoga tera?!! now to think a "hum to gaye baazaar mei lene ko ....."!!

atthecruxofit said...

lol !

Rohini said...

Back to reading blogs after such a long time! So I got to read lots of your conversations with Sanah at one shot. Charming, to say the least.