Sunday, June 01, 2008

do you know each other?

we went to goa in december. and she got to spend time with a dear friend, rahul.

my mum went to goa last week. and she asked me- nani goa mein rahul ko milegi?
i said no. she has gone on work and she hardly knows rahul.

arrey, nani kyon nahin milegi rahul ko? woh rahul ko missing nahin karti? rahul bhi to nani ko missing karta hoga.

that two people she knows and adores dont know each other or dont care enough to make time to meet each other is unimaginable to her.

and today i was watching footage of my new film. she saw sumisha on screen. she met her last week, sat on her lap- and listened to her sing when i had gone to meet her.
she asked me, sumisha kal baby atiya ke party mein kyon nahin aayi?

i did not say- but baby atiya and her mum have no clue who sumisha is.

i said, sumisha busy thi na.

next time she meets you and asks why you did not invite sumisha please dont say you dont know who that is, and you dont care who she is. she likes sumisha, she might want to introduce you to her. and to baby atiya and imaane aapa. maybe to her nani and nana, dadi, dada....maybe her mukkal, bodhi baba, ajoo, sarada, bangalore wala sanjay, her sister/friend vaanya, oh oh this list could go on ....

just humour her and look interested please...


Banno said...

yes, promise to. though it shouldn't be too hard to seem (no, actually be) interested in what baby sanah says.

dipali said...

Sanah makes one re-think so many things- if only all the people she knows and loves could really know each other:)

~nm said...

You can't beatu their logic..can you? And yes its better to look that you understand and interested than be shaken off with their questions. Right? :)

dipti said...

Wow! Looking at the world and making sense of it Sanah style is good for the soul!

Suki said...

Kiran's Krish did something much the same when I was on the phone with her.
To him, everyone Mamma talks to must be his friend's Mamma. So finally he loses patience with all our yakking, grabs the phone and says, "I want to talk to my friend! I want to talk to your friend!" Poor kid, couldn't really handle the fact that I was NOT his friend's Mamma. I think he'd do a doubletake if he realized I wasn't anybody's Mamma!