Thursday, June 26, 2008

funny family

he has a bright yellow umbrella.

i have a purple umbrella, with white polka dots.

and she, she has a yellow pichkari. it is ceremoniously carried out of the house.
the pichkari is opened out and held aloft with utmost solemnity. and she walks under the yellow umbrella, proudly holding up her yellow pichkari to protect her from the rain.

and if you walk into t village when it rains you might see us, the one with the yellow umbrella, purple umbrella and the yellow pichkari.

initially i was bothered about how absurd we looked. but after a week of losing every argument with her we give in. and actually, is it not commonplace to hold up a yellow pichkari when it pours?


Banno said...

even if it is not commonplace, we will make it so.

and come back and comment on 'Aamir' after you've seen it.

Mira's mom said...

So cute! A purple umbrella with white dots sounds like a lot of fun!

NainaAshley said...

You painted a great piture of the three of you walking in the rain with the umbrellas and pichkari. An actual picture would be great!

SUR NOTES said...

banno, yes, i hear its quite a trend. carrying a pichkari high above your head. atleast in t village!

mira's mom: both the umbrellas are rather colourful. what the heck, the pichkari is too.

nainaashley: had misplaced my charger. now that its back, shall carry the cam when we go for a walk.

the mad momma said...

but of course.. what else would one carry, if not a pichkari?

*looks bewildered that this was ever in question*

SUR NOTES said...

tmm: :)