Tuesday, June 17, 2008

good bye

to the one essential part of my identity, prior to my mommy self,

The Jhola!

it has to go.

since college i have lived out of jholas, colourful ones, leather ones, post man khakhi ones, drab ones, big ones, small ones. i can proudly say i was the stereotype of the jhola type.

my mommy self continued with the jhola. the prim pastel plastic baby bags lasted for the first few months, and then her stuff was spilling out of jholas too -an extra diaper, a t shirt, a box of raisins and nuts, a small bottle of water, a toffee hidden away, one clip of the pair salvaged from destruction, a toy, a book, and yes, the half eaten biscuit does surface every now and then.

i thought it was going fine. and i would/could be the 80 year old hunched over her pink and red jhola.

life has other plans. she is turning out to be a compulsive archeologist. and my jhola is her site of excavation. and like all good diggers, she finds, and archives- but outside my jhola!

so i am constantly missing a key, an envelope, a bill, a pen, and anything that i desperately need that very minute.

the father of the child urged me a couple of months to reinvent myself. he made me buy an oversize red leather bag, instead of my tan postman type jhola. its stylish, its hip, its intimidating, and it can be FULLY zipped and buttoned up.

will i finally be able to find that little scrap of paper on which i scribbled that very important phone number?

or can i bring the stereotype of the jhola into boring stylishness? and lose that number again!


Maggie said...

LOL! You think zips and buttons will keep her out of your bag?! I think you're better off with your jholas! :-p

Tania said...

Noo, don't discard the jhola.Thats part of your identity.Maybe you should buy her one and extend your jhola style.

SUR NOTES said...

tania: she has one! that does not stop her from digging into mine.

maggie: locks? do they work?

dipali said...

Maybe this is one area where you need to be strict. How practical can it be to lock a handbag?
Can you restrict digs to when you are right there, with the young archeologist? Or designate one Very Very Important Section which the young lady is not allowed to touch?
May your jholas rest in peace:)

momstir said...

I was quite the jhola queen myself so I feel your pain. I miss my jholas so much. Please don't discard yours. Can you stitch a zip on it?

karmickids said...

LOL. Come come Sur, let a bag lady educate you on the joys of bags...

dipali said...

@Kiran: the glamorous bag lady, if you please:)

thelastbyte said...

Leather bags killed the Jhola star. I'd think a zipped up bag with treasures hidden in various compartments would be far more tempting to explore than an open Jhola.

Null Pointer

Sraikh said...

Hmm in another 2-3 years, you can use jholas again.
But I think if she wants to, even zips and buttons will not stop her.

SUR NOTES said...

thank you all for your kind dismay about my discarded jholas. but the mumbai monsoon is here- the red leather bag goes back into the cupboard. and jholas that dry in a jiffy are back!
and if i lose that scrap of paper with the imp number, my keys, and my sanity, its okay, because the jhola will be dry in a couple of hours under the fan:)