Tuesday, June 24, 2008

in ascending order

the questions get tougher in ascending(or descending of you read the last one first)order.

she went for her first two day vacation away from us, with her nana and nani, to panchgani. she has had a blast, the parents moped, nothing unusual in that.

now for the questions she posed to the nana and nani.

panch is five. gani kya hai?

tunnel ke naam kyon hote hain? iska naam tunnel hai, to ek aur naam kyon hain?

taare zameen par, zameen kya hai. tare zameen par kaise aaye?

dil mein mere hai dard-e-disco ka kya matlab hai? wohi dard, jo petu mein hota hai? to dard-e-disco ka kya matlab hai?

and what were the answers? you think i believe my parents when they say they gave great answers, right there, right then! bah!

though my mother, never one to be short of an answer, confessed that dard-e-disco was a tough one.


Manpreet said...

Hahaha, The questions they ask and the ridiculous answers we adults have to manage. BTW my husband makes it a point never to joke with kids and is always very serious in answering their queries. Guess that IS the right approach.
About the header again,No, it is not the text, blogspot bhai helps me too, on that. It is about how to drag the picture in the middle, how did you do it. Meri wali toh side pey reh gayee yaar. it looks ugly with the space onto the right.

Mukul said...

hahaaa!!! and i remember you mother tripping over chhaiya chhaiya lyrics at a party many years ago!

Roma said...

Aren't you lucky you didn't get the questions? Straight from the mouth of babes...

dipali said...

What lovely questions! We need a hidden recording of these sessions, so we know what answers your parents managed to give:)

samania saman said...

when in doubt translate.

he has the pain of disco in his heart.

maybe she'll find it as hilarious as i do and see the nonsense

also surr.. we are back online with the comic strips. but from now on we operate out of wishihadagarden.blogspot.com.

swell weather for comic strips i say

ajay noronha said...

hahaha! give may more smooches for me, sur!

Poppins said...

Dard e Disco is howlarious !

Mama - Mia said...

even i dont know what the heck is dard e disco!! :(

sahana has all the right questions!!! :D