Wednesday, June 04, 2008

trace the dots

she clambered to the top, up the ladder of the slide.

an older girl clambered to the top, up the slide.

they met at the top.

she slides down and says, kya mazaa, rainbow ban gaya.

"what fun, we just made a rainbow"


anja said...

that's so original, like her mama.

I read the links on the second child posts you posted.. isn't it amazing how we were all thinking the same thing at the same time? I am still undecided, but I do know I have different feelings on different days, When I see a wee one I have a twinge, a longing. Let's see where it goes. Dh wants one, only if I want one, whenever I'm ready. He wants me to do it for the right reasons when I feel ready, if at all...

So your mom is coming to my city huh? Give her my number I can email you. I would love to have her over, Anika can meet a Nani from Bombay. I don't need anything from aamchi Mumbai I stocked up well, thanks=) BTW I use that little bag you gave me for my make-up and lenses, I feel very cool and organized every time I whip it out, thank you.

anja said...

see you're not the only one with embarrassingly(sp.?) long comments. Also going to to those blogs wtih SOOO much traffic is daunting, I would never be able to keep up with it. karmic Kiran seems so nice. How was Lonavala btw? Ok sorry I should email or call, na?

Mukul said...

beautiful :)

dipali said...

Kya imagination hai! Lovely:)

momstir said...

So sweet and refreshing. What a imaginative little girl!