Tuesday, July 15, 2008

get the timing right!

i do not know about language and how precisely she is picking it up.

but her timing, immaculate.

in a moment of exasperation i say, sanah is your sole purpose only to make me fully pagal?!
she answers, why not

i am not so sure she got the full import of my question. but something about the tone and the word pagal, and she got the answer right.


dipali said...

She knows YOU well!

Banno said...

Uh-oh, so she's going to be one of those 'why not?' kids. Well, welcome to BIG TROUBLE ahead.

SUR NOTES said...

yes banno, she graduated from why-why to why not in the past few days. and now there is no stopping her! should i flee?

GG said...

I was just reading through all the posts tagged Sanah conversations and this one totally made me giggle out loud!! :)
She's awfully smart for a 3 year old kid!!