Wednesday, July 02, 2008

its a crowd out here!

i live in a crowded space.

beyond our many many 'things', our books, papers, her books, her toys, we have very many inhabitants in our crowded little mumbai space.

they could be anywhere, and everywhere.

the egg seller stood bang in front of the tv yesterday, as she tried to drive a hard bargain with a one rupee coin and the five eggs she wanted.

we have to constantly make space for her friends who want to sit on that very spot where half my bum has settled comfortably a moment ago.

the living room was suddenly divided by a busy street where she was going for a walk. it took a little convincing to get her to wear imaginary rain shoes, an imaginary raincoat and carry an imaginary umbrella, rather than her muddy shoes and wet everything else.

ofcourse wild animals from the jungle are commonplace. you never know when you could bump into a tiger with claws. or a friendly lion lolling about.

the room could transform into a market or a river, you just change your body language. you can not possibly splash around in a market, can you?

crowded, yes, but the house where i live, its enchanted!


choxbox said...

beautifully put, as usual.

my 3 yr old has five brothers who appear from thin air. she tells me elaborately what they are up to, what they are saying etc. their names change all the time.

dipali said...

Talk about kids enriching your life!

the mad momma said...

:) enchanted is right... thanks for sharing the magic with us.

Banno said...

:) enchanted.

anja said...

it's beautiful, the way you express sanah's magical world.

NainaAshley said...

Beautiful. She and Apple are very much alike. You describe her world so well though.

Mira's mom said...

That's right Sur. Our kids really make our homes enchanted.

Roma said...

Makes you want to believe in magic, doesn't it?

Mama - Mia said...


i wonder if i was this imaginitive too, ever?!




SUR NOTES said...

choxbox: five brothers, eh? quite an army to challenge you!enjoy!

dipali:you put it perfectly!

tmm, banno, anja, mira's mom, mama mia: :)

nainaashley:ps do a post on apple's imaginary world. 1) so i know that other mothers have to play act impossible roles too 2)to enter the fascinating world of another child

roma: you bet!