Tuesday, July 15, 2008

love and longing in la la land

finally went to see if indeed, pappu cant dance.

all that needed to be said about the film has already been said by my favourite reviewer

what made the film worse for me is that it begins in my college. and miss meeow's house was shot in my pal's house in alibaug. many overnight college parties happened there. both these places have been witness to many many college romances, breakups,stolen glances, and much more. seeing scenes unfold here, masquerading as college romances or friendships, was terribly annoying. written as if all the characters live in la la land, with no tensions, insecurities, angst, pimples and body image issues.they have no aspirations, ambitions and disappointments. nothing. nothing. nothing.la la land in its most static existence.

and friendships, nothing could come close to being as intense as the friendships forged in college and in the early twenties. my god, our lives depended on that intensity. we were heady with that crazy, razor sharp existence. friendships in la la land do not even give the sugar fix a good bulls eye would (have you had those striped minty sweets?)

college and a few years after were all about being unsure. in those cracks we all tried to figure our worlds and ourselves. finding your life partner was too trivial a pursuit, finding the moment, ah, that was it!

leave the stories of finding your soul mate to yash raj, they know how to tell the story of desperate longing in nothing stories about nothing people.oh that desperate longing, they do manage to make the heart skip a bit atleast once, even if its all about madhuri getting wet and singing with children!

finding your soulmate in this la la land was akin to looking for those missing notes the night before the exam. some degree of panic and desperation, but no big deal.

and the girl, she reads film sense? first book in her book shelf? and old man waiting for godot? so the filmmaker/writer is literate!yes, that sure helps the film.

the father in the portrait was funny, and ofcourse all that i detest- manhood etc.

the two goons on the horses, funny.

the cop, yeah okay, if you insist, funny.

but the cop at the airport, he, with his morose face, he cracked me up.finally someone saw the humour in the nothingness that this film was.

but the one thing in the film that made me gasp- the view from the bandstand fort. how many films have been shot there! how many real life romances have unfolded there, mine included. and now there is this larger than life loch ness monster like thing that has emerged. i think i got hypnotised by it.


Banno said...

I know. My feelings, exactly. Some good characters, some funny bits, but no real moments, not that despair of love. Oh yes, yes, I still remember that look on Shahrukh's face when Madhuri is dancing with the kids in the rain.

The younger lot loves it, though. Dhanno has seen it twice. Is it because they have less angst, than we used to? But I know that's not true, watching and listening to Dhanno and her friends.

Maybe they just like it, because amidst all the rubbish they see, this is at least identifiable to some extent.

SUR NOTES said...

i guess you are right. no evil, intolerant parents. and no paan chewing money lenders who have only rape on their minds.

though its been quite a while since i have seen these prototypes.

but understanding parents and reasonable college bullies notwithstanding, these folk in la la land have no edge to them. stolen glances, give them that at the very least, forget the angst. all along t village roads i see young couples carrying an aura of electric tension. atleast we know they are alive.

Anarchytect said...

and the 'whats this?' thing..
was that supposed to be cute or annoying?
still.. my students love it and think i am an old fogey for having so many problems with it.
its fashionable nowadays not to think, i think.

SUR NOTES said...

cute or annoying, she was the only character with any angst.
terribly miscast but chalo aleast one deluded soul in la la land.

dipali said...

May I dare say that I enjoyed it thoroughly! Out and out fun, dimaag not required, saaf suthri, un-angsty movie. OK, Ok, I am a pukka lowbrow I know:)

Space Bar said...

i am going with G end this week. someone please send me mail about all those cameos that happened. did anyone recognise U beating up the baddies? as y'all can imagine, g is extremely excited and thinks the whole film will be worth watching just to see his bapu on screen.

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: but nothing nothing happens all through the movie. its clean, but squeaky squeaky clean, except when naseer bhai shows up.

spacebar: yes U is spotted. and so is U's mum. U gives a mean punch- i clapped too. but only out of loyalty to him!

dipali said...

Read the Mad Momma's review that is more a memoir than a review http://thebratthebeanandbedlam.wordpress.com/2008/07/10/the-knight-in-shining-armour/
I guess there are so many different perspective:) And Naseer always ROCKS! Loved the mom-son equation and 'sir phire, hinsak......mard'
Kya expletive hai:)

NainaAshley said...

I'm with you on this one. I had read reviews saying it as great so I watched it with lot of expectatons. Was disappointed but liked the music though.

samania saman said...

this week kismat konnection, batman and ugly pagli
last night kung fu panda- very predictable with believe in yourself dialogues.. some nice animation though..and its funny in parts.
but i do do want to see ugly and pagli. fingers crossed

Nat said...

I thought I was nuts for hating the movie. Hubby loved it and suddenly I feel like he's a stranger. It showed in bed.
me too! - the cop in the end with his dying hard to pretend he actually believes what he's doing...!
ugh- altogether wasted time.