Friday, July 11, 2008

a nuanced approach

i realised this child has a tough life. armed with new found child psychology ideas and not wanting to brand a child's behaviour i opted for a more nuanced approach.

caught myself saying: stop it. dont sound like a hindi film child artiste.
(all goody goody and adult sounding, and ofcourse suffering parental oppression)

and another time: please dont talk like a walt disney character.
(all whiny and nasal)

and: speak up and answer me i almost added, and not like a 70s art film heroine.
(all pauses and muttering type)

whatever happened to good old bad girl, good girl!


Banno said...

ha ha. Amit told me that he was very pissed off with n's school because the art teacher scolded her for not coloring within the lines. Teacher said: Don't scribble. But n, not to be fazed said: Sydney Pollock scribbles. Of course, teacher did not know SP. Our poor kids, saddled with arty parents!

Mama - Mia said...


a big pfffbbbrrrttt to child psychology a la Calvin! :p



dipali said...

Sur! Lovely. You need to write a book:)

SUR NOTES said...

banno: arty is good. film referencing parents, not!

mama-mia: no no i am staunch child psychology type - but then every once in a while i find myself going wierdly over the top! :)

dipali: book about mothering or filmi ticks? :) in any case, am sure you would be my only confirmed reader.

dipali said...

Both- mothering according to film maker mom!

Nat said...

You'd have another confirmed reader in me - I so agree/understand/done that too with this post!!!