Wednesday, July 09, 2008

tea party

it was a quiet tea-party. just her and me.

she had her cup filled with milk. the cup was white, with two handles and winnie dancing on it.

i had mine filled with tea.white, with one handle and dainty blue flowers.

we said cheers.

yes, cheers can be said at a tea party.

she ordered me, dono handles pakdo.

par mere cup ka ek hi handle hai, i demurred.

kyon, she asks.

i try and be smart, tum lucky ho. tumhare cup ke do handle hain.

phir aap kya ho? she continued.

main unlucky hun, i declared.

oh, jiske cup pe ek handle hai usse unlucky bolte hain, the child soaked in language concepts.

this smart mother needs to think more clearly about teaching concepts and language. she should not try and be smug thinking she has fobbed off trickier questions.

but until then, all you out there who drink your tea/coffee in one handled cups- you unlucky sods!


Banno said...

Well, I'd better go looking for a cup with two handles.

Mama - Mia said...


your last line had me in loud guffaws!!

me going new cups shopping today!! ;)



dipali said...

Sur, you walked right into that one!

SUR NOTES said...

banno, mama-mia: apart from dancing winnie, you could get the pink barbie, or the indistingushable coloured power ranger series. you lucky one, you!

dipali: thats all i seem to do now, walking into one thing or the other.

Mira's mom said...

Hey, my cup has 2 handles. Yay!

momstir said...

So adorable :)

sushma said...

well she is innovative and thinking faster than you can answer , a paradigm shift needed
love sushma