Saturday, July 19, 2008

time zone

oddly, the one thing i liked in my school education were grids. anykind. taking the ruler out of the compass box, and then painstakingly drawing them.

line by line by line.
up and down.
right to left.
filling pages,
and sometimes the world.

for that you needed the compass, to draw the world, and then the grid.
but this grid did not need the foot ruler. you drew them. and often got a mishapen onion like world. then you could think of the domes in the russian books and fancy yourself to be a russian illustrator.but i digress.

the point of drawing the world was to do complicated calculations to solve those questions about time. not philosophical questions about Time, or the Times, though one did distracted with those higher quests while doing silly calculations like if its 11 am at 82.5 E longitude then what is the time at falana longitude or dhamkana longitude.

but now that i have a computer i dont need to draw the grid. in any case the foot ruler belongs to her.

yet i sit and do those silly calculations. if its 7.45 pm here then what time is it there.

the papa is at 122`W headed to 116`E

the nani is at 72`W

the nana and the child are at 76`E

i am in T village drawing grids and calculating time zones and eyeing
a)a pile of books
b)a pile of films
c)a pile of proposals to be completed
d)and complete silence standing in the corner


ajay noronha said...

o sur! nice...very is crazy these grids n time lines...i kept forgetting do i add 2n half hours or subtract...n then, how come i flew 16hours but arrived 25 hours later :(

anja said...

ooh i love this post..falana or dhamkana! You are so creative with words..tum apni film proposal ke papers ko uthao aur kuch alag kar dikhao, I want to watch a film with a voiceover that reads like your blog posts. I loved grids too and also those contour maps made me salivate, I was so excited by them God knows why... I do time calculations constantly too, abhi ghar phone karoon? Ab Morges main kitne bage hain? Its inevitable, we all have friends and family all over the criss-crossed globe...

dipali said...

Lovely! Falana dhamkana-such yummy words. And time zones always confuse the life out of me! Used my globe as a kid- had a calibrated ring at the north pole, would set it on GMT or wherever we wanted to, and would check the time on that. My young days there were very very few international phone calls being made, so that wasn't an issue, but it be different times in different parts of the globe at the 'same' time seems such an amazing concept.