Tuesday, August 12, 2008

of father's genes and birthday cakes

she will turn three. (about time this mommy blog stops!!!or then, very soon, she will take over writing it)

this time i have decided to get a fun cake made, since i know i will not end up baking, icing, decorating a cake. until now the cakes in the brochure would make me want to throw up-garish, and nasty coloured, with characters from films/cartoons. but i am softening. the cake walla asked me to get a photo.

i checked out the possibilities on the net. and there are many- almost nudged me to make the cake on my own, the way my mother did for every birthday when i was growing up.

but the point of this post is not how inept, lazy and sluggish i am as a mother.

amongst the many, some very lovely, possibilities we found a ballet shoes cake. pretty in pink and white, with tiny ballerina shoes. given her fetish for shoes, i thought, she might think this is fun, so what if its pretty and pink. i enlarged the picture, she squealed in delight. yes, yes, mumma, this cake is nice.

so i think, okay, let it be this one.

she says, par mujhe pink shoes nahin chahiye. red chappal chahiye.

cake cancelled, photo deleted.

yes, she is her father's daughter.

flashback to farewell party in college. many awards were given out. one of them was "the rubber chappal intellectual award". it was a yellow pair. the left one went to her father. the right one to her shalini massi.

and yes, since you are wondering, he did wear rubber chappals to college most of the time.


Mira's mom said...

LOL! Hey, hoping that she has a lovely birthday - with or without the chappals :-)

Banno said...

Oh, just like Teja. He spent all his childhood (even school, as they weren't strict about shoes) and college in rubber chappals. Of course, at FTII, too.

Couldn't Sanah have a red rubber chappal cake?

Hope she has a very, very fun birthday. And you too!

NainaAshley said...

Rubber chappals ? She and Apple could be soul mates. We havethe shoes/chappals arguments everyday while getting ready for school.
Hope she has a great Birthday!

parotechnics said...

hello why did i think Sana's birthday was in January???

Well my favourite cake was the house cake my mum baked. My dad always iced and decorated them cos he was the only non sloppy and meticulous family member. But one year there was a book cake - now that's an easy one - cos you just have to make a rectangular cake, ice it white and then make lines to copy an open book with chocolate (or jam if you're very lazy). And page numbers with Gems?

And of course whose to say ballerina shoes can't be red. They would be in Kansas ;)

SUR NOTES said...

well, the cakewalla could not manage the three dimensional chappal idea.i tried to sell the idea of a polka dotted tilting hat-damn, she did not agree.

so we have settled for a horse. i would call it a stallion to appease my wishes, but no, its a tame, domesticated horse! and she loves it.

mira's mom, banno: thanks
nainaashley: tell me , does a vein start throbbing on the side of your head when that happens? do you want to throw yourself onto the floor and just begin sobbing so you dont have to reason/argue/expalin for nth time? i dont know about apple and sanah, but you and i could be soul sisters!

paro: oh the book is a lovely idea.next time i will bake it , and do the icing etc. its too much fun!

parotechnics said...

actually i also think - that since kid's birthday parties are so taxing that you can do a pre birthday party with one or two friends helping to make cake and icing in the morning. I sometimes think that because the birthday party was such a production in my house, complete with just about meeting the deadline, putting in the food-coloured dessicated coconut lawns just before guests arrived - that's what turned me into a filmmaker. Adrenalin once a year is enough to make you want it all the time! Please contact for birthday party ideas next time

dipali said...

Loved this! All the best for the actual birthday:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Surabhi

A very happy birthday to Sanah . she is such a darling little girl . And so very entertaining. god bless!


SUR NOTES said...

paro: a pre party is a fantastic idea. and the adrenain rush, its the last minute rush to finish the cake? hmmmm. i better make things calm for sanah- want her to be a banker or a CA and earn pots of money so she can look after us in our old age.
and yes, shall contact for party ideas.

dipali: birthday party went off without me collapsing.

d: thanks.

farinaz said...

... and my sister remembers him by chappals also.
He came to our house once, in the monsoon. During the walk up from Bharatmata to Wadia Baug, his chappal broke, so when my sister offered hers, he accepted and left wearing her Bata rubber chappals.