Monday, August 11, 2008

historical figures/her mommy is cuckoo

she has to dress up in traditional wear of any state


as a historical figure (i am assuming from the independence movement)

sending her like a little mallu girl or a punjabi girl would be so so so easy.


i am thinking

a sword, a turban, a saree, and a baby tied to her back. easily done at home.


the moustache will be fun. the hat will take some time to make. and will have to buy a khakhi shirt. the hat has to be stylish or no fun. oh damn, i will HAVE to buy a pistol, throws out my resolve to never ever buy guns for any child, ever.

this lady would be fun if the child was old enough to learn a speech, but hard for anyone to recognise.

do give your suggestions, and if possible link me to images. i am looking for troublemakers here, not the good good ones.obscure will do. what are subtitles for?

talking of costumes- the father did not buy a chinese doll for his child because... and i quote..."they all look like they are in bondage".

when will schools say, dress as post independence characters, imagine the possibilities...

i cigarette in one hand, a pen in the other, and thick spectacles, a white mop of hair. simple.

ok she is not post-independence, she is not even real, but would be fun. what say banno?

or then i can just send an SOS message to this lady, the master of all costume drama/art.

poor child of mine, she will grow up to say, please ma, let me decide what i should go as.

just remembered a story a friend told me. her child's first fancy dress party, she sent her four year old son as gandhiji. a year or two later he never forgave her, mom, what were you thinking, my friends came as superman, spiderman, and you sent me as gandhi???

should i just put pretty flowers in her hair, give her a white and gold pavada and be done with it?


Banno said...

Oh please send her as Fearless Nadia. I think the teachers won't forgive you. Though Sanah will have lots of fun.

You forgot Razia Sultan (lots of costume stuff required).

Space Bar said...

send her as a subaltern figure with any name of your choosing. make up a story with her. no one will know whether it's true or not because it so could be.


SUR NOTES said...

see, i knew i could count on you guys. atleast we can have fun, even if the child wants to be pretty and tame.
are there no two faced spies/mata hari characters in our independence movement?

Tania said...

How about this one?
or this one
For the halloween here, I dressed up my little one in home made costumes till the princess phase started.So make up your own character.Why not dress her up as yourself and call her a cosmopolitan?:)

parotechnics said...

Considering that I was sent as Miss India at the tender age of 7 in a black off shoulder dress, I obviously am no good for suggestions...

I think Bhagat Singh is best - esp because of the gender bending aspect.

SUR NOTES said...

tania: cosmopolitan is a good one. i had tought of annie besant too but realised that it would be easier for me to dress as her, given the hair!

paro: miss india, i say, pretty cool! especially the black off shoulder dress.

thechasingiamb said...

send her as quick gun murugan

thechasingiamb said...

you could send her as Unniyarcha, thus Malayalee, evil and scheming all at once. Well of course all at once. For notes on costume watch MT Vasudevan Nair's Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha. Madhavi played her.

PS. In Malayalam Unniyarcha translates to bitch. grin.

SUR NOTES said...

the chasing iaamb: idea duly noted. film will be sourced to reference costume. husband will be prodded to get family to tell story in more detail. and we shall wait for the next fancy dress.

in the meantime this penjabi will seriously practice pronounciation of bitch in malayalam.

what would i do without you chasing iamb???