Friday, August 22, 2008

is it for real?

these aches and pains?

this feeling that the wrists and ankles want to snap and be picked up at the count of five and six,
and then they just want to lay down straight (or askew) at seven and eight.

or is it just in my head?

and yes, we went over this rhyme in the day. she came back from school having learnt it. when she faltered i picked up from where she had left off.
she looked at me with wonder, yeh teacher ne sikhaya. mummy nahin thi school apko kaise pata hai?
we shall not get into the answer i gave her.
but lets just say, this feeling of invincibility and being the all knowing goddess is hard to beat never mind that the hands and feet want to flutter in peace, and not be held on by mere veins.


dipali said...

But what did you tell her, invincible Sur?

SUR NOTES said...

dipali: no nothing special. just some mundane murmur about mummy having a third eye, four ears, etc etc...all the time ignoring the pain travelling upwards from wrist and ankles. no, nothing special.

dipali said...

Why the pain, Sur, what have you been up to?