Friday, August 08, 2008

supper theatre

or change that to theatre all the time, not just over supper.

someone gifted her a little red dress. she wore it until she was three to four months. i folded it carefully and tucked it into her drawer, along with a little pink shirt and two tiny lacy socks. the rest of her clothes were passed onto other new born babies.

these days she is deeply involved in excavations, of all kinds.

she dug into her drawer and pulled out the little treasure. held the little red dress up and insisted thats what she was going to wear that evening.

tired, impatient, and generally low on energy, i screeched, nahin sanah. please keep that back.
no, main yeh red dress pehnungi.

no, no, i squeaked, its too small for you, you will rip it, i want to keep it for when you are big....i yoddled on and on.

she was calm. waited until i had run out of steam, and gently told me, mumma mujhe pata hai ke yeh fit nahin hoga. main to jhoot mooth ka jhagda kar rahi thi. chalo phirse jhooth mooth ka jhagda karte hain........mumma, mujhe yeh red dress hi pehna hai...
she looked at me. i was unsure how to proceed.

she: mumma, mujhe yeh red dress hi pehna hai...

i finally took the cue, me: nahin sanah, yeh tumhe fit nahin hoga....

at somepoint the curtain came down on our little theatre production.

so now my 'going to be three in a week' child is going to make me reflect on theatre and my domestic space. well, well, someone could have warned me.


Banno said...

Where does she learn all this?

dipali said...

Is this in the genes? Whose?

Space Bar said...

dipali: sur's, abviously! all this theatre sheatre she has absorbed form when she was a little tadpole.

this is absolutely priceless, sur!

SUR NOTES said...

banno: for one, i think i screech and scream too much. deep introspection is needed, fast!

dipali: everyone around me calls me drama queen.i always thought i was too laid back to be close to a drama queen. deep introspection is needed, fast!

spacebar: priceless? isint there something seriously wrong with what i am doing- a less than three year old is able to outwit me at the drop of dress.