Wednesday, August 06, 2008

technology fetishist

we slipped in the DVD and sat back ready to watch a friend's film.

shh, sanah, i said, hum film dekhne wale hain. tum bhi dekho, music par hai. Nahin to book padho. par disturb mat karo.

she disagreed, mummy yeh film nahin hai, TV hai.

is that why i am not able to watch the precious little pile of films sitting on my shelves?

edited to add: i confess, i have taught her to say everyone on tv is a joker. and she knows that films are sacred for her mother. and thats possibly why she made the distinction. but why do all good things that i teach her come back to bite my ass!


Grasshopper said...

I remember when I took Pavan, my kid, to the theater for the first time in his life.

"Kitna badaa TV!", he exclaimed.

dipali said...


Banno said...
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Banno said...

Now I know why you haven't been able to watch my films. :) Don't blame you, though. There will be time enough when Sanah has grown up, to watch films.

SUR NOTES said...

grasshopper: welcomeji!


banno: 'ouch' i hang my head in shame.
its been seven months since a certain dvd has been sitting in my little pile of films.

but all good films deserve to be seen in a dark hall. i live in that hope :)