Saturday, August 23, 2008

when the boys came a calling

and she realised that they were pretty content being with each other,

she played the ' i am so sad, so miserable' card.

chee chee sanah, did not expect you to be ...a wily girlie girl.

the 'let-mommies-begin-gettingplastered-early-in-the-day' party was what we had planned. but the usual picture played itself out. all backup babysitting plans fell through. and the 'we-are-mommies-we-should-behave-ourself' feeling took over.

so, kiran and rohini arrived with krish and ayaan.
the father was not herded out with sanah.
infact instead of one there were two little girls. one of my oldest college friends was home with her two year old, all the way from bangalore.

four kids. nothing broke. no one broke. pretty darn fantastic party.

the mommies did not get plastered. but george did open a bottle of wine, only to accompany the spread on the table.

conversations flowed in and out. two old old college friends( george is still old college friend first, and co-owner of house second)and two new online friends.

by the way, kiran i read regularly, for her hilarious and touching way of describing the most mundane, and the most dramatic.
and rohini, a complete hands on mother and full time working woman. and she seems to manage as if its a breeze. and deals with the accompanying exhaustion with extraordinary composure.

parul, you were missed. and y, you too!

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dipali said...

I thought that young Sanah was unfazable. Now I know she is pure Drama ki Rani:)