Sunday, November 02, 2008

The lowest point

I like to document my failings. And now I do so publicly-on my blog!

I am brave.

I am honest.

But I have also reached my lowest point in managing my life efficiently.

I ring the doorbell of my neighbour, smile broadly and ask to borrow two onions. Yes, onions. There were none, and Indian cooking begins with chopping onions. If it helps, the big, shiny, purple brinjal had already been roasted so the option of retracing footsteps and making some non-indian stir fry dish without onions was not possible. And turning the brinjal into a middle eastern delight was not an option because no fancy accompaniment was available.

So there I was, borrowing two onions. Somehow borrowing a spponful of curd to set seems acceptable, borrowing some sugar also seems fine, but two onions- that means all house management has collapsed.

My lovely neighbour seemed more embarassed than me. I think she blushed. She gave me three onions.

Now I worry about how to return the favour. I can not give back three onions, can I?


dipali said...

Maybe something yummy that you've made! Chicken?

Rohini said...

LOL! You are making too much. I wouldn't be shocked or embarassed or anything if anyone wanted to borrow onions. Have lent a gas cylinder without a blink...

Indian Home Maker said...

Could have asked her to 'taste' what you made with those onions... now, maybe some other newly tried recipe. It's no big deal but you will feel good and if it happens again, you will not be uncomfortable asking for two onions again :)
We homemakers don't give a second thought to such borrowing :))

thelastbyte said...

Running out of onions is considered domestic chaos? Oh crap. What about having a bunch of new desi pals over for breakfast and confessing you've run out of milk and are left with only tea bags instead of chai paththi?

Null Pointer

George said...

dipali: six adults live in that house. but yes, maybe i should cook a dish, or make a big bowl of desert.(maybe rabdi - i have excess of milk in the fridge- and we leave in three days.)

rohini: i was non chalant until i saw how embaressed she was-for me! :(

IHM: :), you bet, now that glass barrier has been broken- let the borrowing begin!

thelastbyte: you should have told them you only serve anti-oxidant rich drinks on your breakfast table.

Y said...

ah, bless you, Sur!

I am not alone! Yessss!

Anonymous said...


You can make very good S.Indian dishes without onions! :-D

Most of my cooking is sans onions :-)


Grasshopper said...

You should ask your neighbor, 'May I borrow your husband for a bit? I cant find mine.' and then point to your hair. (Presuming you have hair long enough to be tied).

anja said...

give her two tamatars.

sorry I've been out of the loop, my comp was on the blink and I never got down to blogging about meeting the fabulous 'Sush'=) Was a blast meeting her, what a trip to meet a blogging friend/new found relative's mom across the globe...she is such a cool woman. Hope Sanah doesn't drive you nuts with her Raj Kapooresque toy=)

karmickids said...

Sheesh. Whats it? The next time you make some of your heavenly dishes send a bowl across. Thassit.

SloganMurugan said...

These onions. They make you cry!

asaaan said...

I have borrowed milk, lent atta and tea leaves.

All very normal.

~nm said...

Hahaha..this was really funny! I'm sure it would have required lot of deliberation to go and ask to borrow 2 onions. Maybe you can cook something for her and give her?

Sue said...

Awww... bake her a little cake. It's a nice return for onions and shows that you know what you're about. :)