Tuesday, October 07, 2008

out and about in the city

Kama Deva in Ghatkopar

mukul and sad old lady in andheri



ravan in the swayamvara scene, sakhi in this one


The last time she came on a shoot with me was for my film on pregnancy and maternal health care...A lady in one of the villages put her tiny grandchild in Sanah's lap. The baby was born premature, so she was as little as Sanah's doll. Sanah held her carefully and surprisingly gently. Ever since she carries around a make believe baby and comes running to me, Doctor, doctor, meri baby ko davai do. She also learnt one sentence in gujrati, ketlo mahina chale che? Which month are you in?

Now this shoot. She knows about kaikeyi and her kop bhavan.And she also knows that Ravan uncle became Sita's girl friend in the very next scene.

At Dharavi, waiting for Suresh, the sound recordist, before setting off to yet another Ramleela in the city...


Banno said...

Lovely photos. Specially the one of father and kid at Dharavi. What a fascinating time for Sanah it must be. All that glitz of the Ramleelas. Can't wait to see the film.

SUR NOTES said...

banno: the film will take a LOOOONG time to be ready, just starting, figuring it out.

she enjoyed the andheri one- the rest were too proper and staid, even for us. the andheri one was a trip!

farinaz said...

heyyyy lovely!
i hadn't seen this one before!!!!