Friday, October 03, 2008


All the papers wondered if Eid celebrations would be subdued to express sympathy with the bomb blast victims.

There are Churches being burnt and looted and churchgoers being brutalised in three states. People claiming to be the protectors of Hinduism have taken credit for the plunder and the rapes.

Lavish puja pandals are all over the city.
Every street seems to be lit up and adorned for the garba at night.
Ramleelas are being performed in almost every big maidan not taken up by puja mandals and navratri revelry.

No one seems to be wondering.


anja said...

f@#$ing double standards of the majority. it really makes me sick.

the mad momma said...

some of us are, Sur. Some of us are. Thank you for being one of those wondering.

Does it matter said...

Oh I am sooo disappointed with you and your views.

Instead, you should have admired the vibrant Mumbai (India?) spirit and our resilience. The ability to bounce back. The ability to give the terrorists a mooh-tod jawab.

Just the way we bounce back the day after the Train blasts.

Do we really care? No way.

We are Intolerant. And Callous.

Cheers to our resilient nation & city.

Indian Home Maker said...

Didn't even think about it then!!!
But thanks for pointing it out.

And today in DNA is a letter from a reader claiming the riots between Christian and Hindus were not communal - some money matter was the real issue.

Blogrolled you.