Saturday, November 01, 2008

headless chicken gets garlanded

Thats the only breaking news that I have to offer on this blog.

I have been running around like a headless chicken because:

I have been working on a film which will be fully loss making unless I write that proposal and get funds very very soon.

I have been working on a proposal for a profit making film to subsidise my loss making film.

I have been finishing the film that is neither loss making, nor profit making.

I have been 'revisiting' a shot from my first film and insteading of making meaning of the image I keep giggling at the frivolous conversation bwetween me and my camera person recorded over that important moment.

I have been getting visas for countries that are reeling under a terrible cold wave. ( yes, I am very bright)

I have been trying to be THE mother to my child, the one that will do EVERYTHING, with no support from day care centres, and nannies.( I told you, I am very bright)

So I have been the classic headless chicken running around mindlessly.

And then I got garlanded.

At a Birha Muqabla.

Me and my researcher were ushered onto a velvet sofa on the side of the stage as we entered the grounds. "For your safety ,madam." I peeped out at the audience, 1000 bhojpuri speaking men tripping out.

And while we sat on the side, tapping our feet to the music, and giggling at the jokes the felicitation ceremony began- in the middle of a song!

The local MP was called on stage.

An important lawyer was called on stage.

And others.

They were lauded for their good work.

And then Sharmaji was called on stage. For her work in promoting bhojpuri culture.

I was pushed/ stumbled on stage. I forgot to leave my raggedy jhola behind. I clutched it so hard because I think I was going to faint.

A heavy garland was being pushed onto me.

I was red.

I was giggling.

And the 1000 person strong crowd jeered/cheered - I dont know.

And thats how the headless chicken was garlanded.


Space Bar said...

congratulations! i hope there were poppies in your garland.

and so many films at the same!

wordjunkie said...

Congratulations! And your schedule is tremendous..I get headless and squawking just deciding what to make for lunch.
Do tell more about the films..

Munchkin said...

Congrats! Hey,what happened to the cookery blog?

dipali said...

Wow- very very impressive, Sur!
All the best to our headless wonder chicken!

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: i dont know about the poppies in the garland- there sure were the fumes of poppy seeds in the air- or so it seemed.

wordjunkie: the schedule is a bit ridiculous and life threatening at the moment. hopefully i should organise more efficiently very very very soon.

munchkin: you mock me? when i am down on the ground? i barely get through my day. i forget about my blog most of the time. and the new cookery blog i promised- you should never hit a person who has fallen on the ground. :)
ps have you moved to your new city? hope things have settled and little munchkin adjusted.

diplai: the headless chicken is no wonder- she is headless and running around frantically looking for that elusive head! :)

Indian Home Maker said...

Congratulations for the garlands and for coming out a winner from a 'life threatening' schedule :) Very interestingly written...
Would love to know more about the films :)

SUR NOTES said...

IHM: no no, please dont make it worse by congratulating me. I think it was all set up so the organisers could laugh and everyone else would be entertained by the stupidity of it. I think i was amde a bakra!!!

thelastbyte said...

Oh bright one, can headless chicken continue to lay eggs? In case, you appear to have way too many arms to call yourself a chicken.

Do tell if any of the frigid countries you plan on visiting include my neck of the woods/industrial wasteland.

Null Pointer

George said...

the bright one waits for the proverbial golden egg to waits and waits and waits...without standing in one place. so now there is a smattering of crap all over her place.

sorry, not visiting your part of the world this time. would love to drop by and say hello-sometime.

Munchkin said...

uh-oh...sorry Sur, it;s just that when it comes to food I sort of lose consciousness of everything else...
and nope..still in the friggin process..actually headless chicken describes me too these days..

farinaz said...