Sunday, November 02, 2008

Strange dreams

Dreamt of friends from the past- lost forever in those fuzzy moments of self doubt.

They replayed those terrible days by showing me footage collected by them. All of us laughing, dizzy with desire, but hearts breaking and bitterness brewing.

I fear bitterness the most.


thelastbyte said...

Note to self: must toss old memories out of refridgerator before fungus sets in.

Null Pointer

George said...

and add to 'note to self': when night time potty training is on and alarm is set for 3am -fall asleep with happy thoughts, having tossed all old memories away.

tiredness, toilet training and bad memories- nasty nasty combination.

dipali said...

Tough call, Sur, the triple whammy you mention! take care.

Munchkin said...

OMG...This totally hit home...