Saturday, December 13, 2008


Berlin with Kenn:

Four weeks,Four countries, Six Cities, Rainy and Cold Autumn, One Toddler : we are not very smart. But we had a blast. She had a blast.

She could not get over the orange, red, yellow leaves. Kenn would not let her have enough of those golden autumn leaves.

He is George's oldest school friend. Amongst my oldest college friends. And Sanah could not stop chattering with him, as if she has known him all her life.

Many asked why we were doing this trip with Sanah. Who goes on a trip like this with a toddler, in the cold? Why would we want to go on a vacation( his vacation- my work trip)with a child who might not remember anything? Why were we not giving ourselves a much deserved break?

After she had collected every glorious yellow/orange/red leaf on every road, in every park, I wondered how we could have done the trip without her! She might not remember, I surely will.


ajay noronha said...

o no way you could have gone without her...not a moment's doubt...such beautiful pictures...make nice prints n leave them for sanah...she'll remember :)

Grasshopper said...

And that's why we have kids, don't we, to re-live our own childhood through them, who take it so much for granted that they wont even remember it?

farinaz said...

I wholly agree! You could not have gone without her! The photographs were fabulous! I'm still swallowing the lump in my throat!
It seems like you had a lovely time! I loved the photo of father and daughter waiting for the train!
What a lovely journey!!
Wish I could spend 2 whole nights staying up with you while you told me about it all!!

~nm said...

Very well said "I wondered how we could have done the trip without her! She might not remember, I surely will."

karmickids said...

This was so beautiful. I travelled vicariously through you and Sanah!

Pratz said...

beautiful pics