Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stranger on the train

We did one train journey, from Berlin to Amsterdam. Six and a half hours.

The sky was spectacular, and so was the light, but that cannot occupy a child. A stranger can. She spoke German, Sanah chattered on in Hindi. She had an array of finger puppets. She gifted Sanah a knitted Rabbit for her finger and left an hour before our stop.

ps I am blessed because my child is not a cranky traveller. And most fellow passengers have pitched in and helped- I have done many many of these journeys alone with the child. So visiting the loo, eating my meals, even reading complete books have not been a problem for me. (I am blessed, she said, crossing her fingers while unjinxing anyone who might jinx this wonderful state of being!and she mutters, buri nazar walon, tera muh kaala!!!)

Yet, I absolutely loved reading this- more importantly I empathised with this blogger.


Indian Home Maker said...

Aw ... touch wood :)
And yes most kids do get bored and restless after a while, we traveled with books, colour pencils, toys, smacks, anything to keep them occupied.
Cute pictures.

dipali said...

Sanah sounds like a most delightful travelling companion! The finger puppets are lovely:)