Friday, January 09, 2009

Chinese No-Guarantee

There is justice in the world and it comes in the guise of a Made in China lock, and it comes with -No Guarantee!

Foul moods are brewing through the day in different parts of the city. Foul traffic, surging crowds, pointless meetings at one end. Missed deadlines, finally sending the child to a creche, crashed computers at another end.

Snide comments and unabashed vitriol complete the day.

Ofcourse I feel wronged.

Another day begins- in stony silence. The child is ready for school, the father exits the bathroom to get ready to drop child to school and head into office. Bedroom door is locked for privacy.

Major foot tapping by wronged person.

Shuffling heard from inside the room.Struggling. Then silence.

" I think the lock has given way. And..... You will need to do something fast, I have a board meeting today."

I swing into action. There will be enough time to smirk later. The child is packed off to school. Frantic call to the lockmaker made and we wait.

He inside. Me outside, as I sipped my tea, fussed over breakfast and poured over the newspaper.

Every now and then sound of shuffling, struggling, then silence.

Post script: Lockmaker showed up in record time after breakfast was cleared up. He chatted while he dismantled the lock. About China made no guarantee locks that crook builders used. He told me of stories of men, always men, getting locked in the toilet at 2 am because the china lock fitted by another crook builder had given way. We laughed and cursed builders. And inside, shuffling, struggling and the lock maker piped up- saab main hun na, aap araam se baith jao.And silence.

I shall tag this post 'real crisis' only so that it can sit beside another post tagged 'real crisis' that I had written ages back.


dipali said...

Huge grin on my mug!
Poor George!
Wicked Sur, enjoying the fun:)
What a nemesis:)
I wonder what Sanah made of it- did you tell her?

farinaz said...

That was HILARIOUS! Made my day!
Made in China no guarantee! I love it!!!
Ya, where was Sanah during this? I'm sure she had some good wise observations to make!

Banno said...

Ha, ha. Didn't know China could end domestic strife. A political lesson in there, you think?

SUR NOTES said...

Dipali,F: Sanah was pretty disturbed that her father was trapped. When i told her he would be free in no time, she was not convinced. She piped up after a few minutes, i need something important from that room, I cannot go to school without it.

I think she was seriously worried I would do nothing to release her helpless father. :)

Oh, by the wya, she rattles off long sentences in english now

dipali said...

Yes, I'd forgotten that kids can get really anxious about their dear ones.
I was an anxious kid myself, especially since we didn't have a phone at home till I was an adult. Any family member getting delayed coming home was a source of worry.
I'd love to hear Sanah's long sentences someday soon:)

Grasshopper said...

I just realized: My lock is also made in China. And the keys cant be duplicated. Maybe I should bury one key in the patch of earth out the door?

anja said...

too funny. Bechara George. I especially love the tae being sipped while shuffling, struggling and silence continued.

materials said...
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