Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kerala to Bombay via new year at Goa

This last trip of the year was a complicated one with unplanned but delightful detours.

So we came back to Bombay with a stop at Goa.

There were sand bags piled up across the beaches. Armed jawans in position behind each of these makeshift outposts. A sad and depressing sight.

But the usual splash of colour was there as well.

and the bitter truth

and jumping over the waves

and the cliche- the sun set on 2008

We began the year by visiting Ajay's little piece of wilderness, atop a hill.

Space Bar, there is a photo upthere that was clicked only for you. Spot it.


Rohini said...

Happy New Year!

Look at brave Sanah! My brat will frolic away on pools and rivers but the waves in the sea freak him out. Go figure!

Banno said...

cool! wish i was there. we did so want to go to goa. damn dhanno's board exams. and please, tell us which is the photo for space bar? mysteries make me restless.

Space Bar said...

Pink hair! I want! (um. only kind of want).

ajay noronha said...

o how much i missed being there :)

Banno said...

Dhanno IS going to get a pink streak after her exams. She's been threatening to do so, for a long time now. But she's too Ms. Perfect to get a whole head of pink hair.