Wednesday, January 07, 2009

kerala with coussins

This child is blessed. She has friends and coussins(the double s is not a typo, its the only correct way to pronounce the word in a certain land that is God's very own- and i love it) by the truckload, tucked away in any and every corner of the world(almost).She remembers them for months on end after meeting them, I try to make her meet them as often as possible, this is her extended community. That was the way I grew up, the 'having a sibling who is your own flesh and blood' line did not move me. I had and continue to have deep connections with friends and cousins, as if they were my own...thank the god who has just got pots of money from troubed people, or any other force who is uninfluenced by donations or chants...

Then there are the friends she makes along the way- like little Harshida on the train from Bangalore to Aluva. They both woke up at the crack of dawn so they could play with each other, and watch the world roll by outside the window.

The batty Sanah and Joshua

With Aayana

With Amu chechi and Athira

And then there was the day spent with Sehar and Animesh that defied geography.

"mumma, didi aur bhaiya to jammu mein rehte hain, jammu kerala mein hai kya?"


Which Main? What Cross? said...

Mumbai urban legend:

The Coussin Tree at Nair Hospital.

The Malayali nurses at the hospital get a lot of male visitors. And all of them claim to be coussins. And they end up chatting under the Coussin tree.

SUR NOTES said...

:) niccce.

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thelastbyte said...

"jammu kerala mein hai kya"?

Trust a child to figure it all out while rest of the country fights for scraps.

Null Pointer