Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I seek advice

The child came out of her bath complaining of itching. I applied some moisturising cream, the one I have been using for quite a while. She continued to complain and was clearly very unfomfortable. And right in front of my eyes she started developing these huge red blotches on her arms, legs and soon on her face as well. It was painful for her to even wear her shoes. I swooped her in my arms and rushed to the closest General Practitioner.
He said it was an allergic reaction to something. Maybe the soap or the cream.

The rash subsided in an hour or so. She was fine all day.

The next day she developed few red blotches, not itchy, not unconfortable. They subsided soon enough.

The next day, as i stood on the platform waiting for the train to baroda she broke out into the same darned blotches of red, coupled with itching. ( again within an hour of waking up in the morning). I almost did not board the train. But the rash cleared up very soon.

And the next day, in Baroda, again within an hour of waking up the rashes surfaced. Intensely. This time her hand was swollen and patchy. Subsided in an hour.

The next day, as i stood waiting for the train to get back to Bombay, again within an hour of waking up in the morning. The rash was back. I gave her the anti allergy syrup. She was fine in an hour.

This morning, until she went to school there was nothing.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? Its clearly an allergic reaction, but to what. There is nothing new in either her diet or the soap etc that she uses. She begins the day by drinking a glass of milk- but she has had that since she was seven months old and began drinking from the cup.


Space Bar said...

Since it seems to happen more in the morning, either he night clothes or the bed/sheets/pillow. Also avoid whatever she has at night - milk? - and see.

Use calamine.

SloganMurugan said...

Contact a specialist. They have tests that help you pin point the cause.

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: i changed the sheets, and her night clothes. nothing new in her diet at night or in the morning.

yes, calamine is soothing.

sloganmurugan: will visit her paed and figure.

Banno said...

Poor baby! Hope you can figure out the cause soon.

Rohini said...

Is there any change in her routine that could be upsetting her? Sometimes these things can be psycho-somatic.

Try changing the products and see if that helps. How about the detergent you use? Had that changed recently - so the residue on the towel/ clothes could be the problem. Try changing that as well.

SUR NOTES said...

Rohini: You might be right about the psychosomatic bit.It began the day i came back from a five day trip without her. I was wondering if that was it. But it lasted almost four days.

Hey thanks guys for responding with tips and advice so promptly

farinaz said...

I've never heard of something like this! I would be worried out of my mind. Please let me know what it is if you find out. I'll ask around too and let you know if I find out anything. I have an excellent Naturopath (also MD) next door to our work place, so I'll ask him too.
So just blotches, not like a bite or a pimple in the middle?

B o o said...

Not able to think of anything other than what the others have suggested. Hope shes ok now. Let us know if you find out the reason.

SUR NOTES said...

F'naz, Boo: All is well now. But i think i have figured what the problem was. Actually I am the problem. The night i came back from my shoot i was dog tired and decided to break her night toilet training routine by slipping on a diaper. ( new brand, never used before) The next day i did not use the diaper and she was fine. The next day i did because early morning trin etc etc- and the next day- aunt's house , did not want night accidents- you get the drift. my laziness. For the past two nights she was back to her normal routine and all was well!

Damn her lazy mother!!!

ammani said...

It could have been an insect bite. Or a reaction to something she touched. May be a detergent or a cream that you/someone she came in contact with applied. I can see how harrowing it must have been for you. Hopefully, it won't happen again.

dipali said...

Such a relief!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's great that you figured out it was the diaper (though that is scary - a diaper causing allergies?) - My idea was going to be to check the milk - if the brand is the same, or if the packaging had changed in any way..


Sadhana Ramchander said...

I swear by something called Caldryl lotion, which worked very well for my children. It is very soothing and gives relief. Check with your doc and use this next time there's a problem (hopefully there won't be).

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