Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The father, the child and the kites in the mother's head

Spacebar has made me acutely conscious of the fact that I am no writer.I am a mere reporter, at best a recantour.

But thanks to a three year and seven month old child I have enough fodder to recount in a mommy blog that is seriously past its prime.

Here goes:
The teachers were beaming when I went across to pick up the child. "She sang the whole of You are my sunshine in front of the entire class."*

As we walk back, Me: "So you sang the song in front of the whole class? Wow, that must have been fun." (I suspect she has stage fright like her mother, so I was mighty thrilled that she sang, of her own accord)

Child: " You are my sunshine......."(the whole song was sung on the road.)

Me: "You know your papa can stand in front of the whole class, or even more people and perform very easily. He loves it too."

Child: " Papa sang 'You are my Sunshine' in front of many people? "

Its the song. Not the performance. She has focus. The mother flies kites in her head.

As an aside, the thought of her off key singing father croon 'you are my sunshine' in front of an audience is going to make many giggle away till the cows go home. And the crows.

*The song had been taught to the kids before women's day. Women's day was transformed into Mother's day. (Dont get me started.....) The children were supposed to line up in front of the mothers and sing. My child slipped away and hung herself upside down(almost) from the jungle gym( or whatever it is called)


Space Bar said...

ayyo. what is this? what did i say? paro's gone into therapy and you are like this.

Banno said...

Well, I'm having fun with all the kites and pelicans all of you are flying :-)

Thanks, Space Bar.

As for me, I'm far, far away right now from any form of flying. :-(

Doing hard core reporting.

SUR NOTES said...

space bar: just ...

banno: bumped into teja on the road. he said you were on the road.

SUR NOTES said...
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dipali said...

Remarkably grounded child! I'm sure she'll fly her own mental kites, though:)