Saturday, March 07, 2009


She decided not to bellow like a cow on seeing the bathroom water splashed onto the bedroom floor. Hierarchy, discipline, power equations get defined by a calm, cold, authoritative voice, she had read somewhere.

She spoke in a calm, cold, authoritative voice. And followed it with a calm, cold, authoritative glare.

The glare was met with an equally calm, cold, authoritative stare by the inhabitant of a blue, plastic tub.

Stare sparred with stare.

And then the first hiccup broke through the repeat of the calm, cold voice.
And then the second.

Ofcourse the stare was broken with the indignity of it all.

Yet another lesson in parenting fails, because of the goddam hiccups. Clearly those in authority dont hiccup like jackasses.


dipali said...

Poor you, Sur!
Hiccups or no hiccups, young Sanah is one smart cookie:)

Banno said...


Loved this. You can stare at Sanah all you want, but she's always going to reduce you to hiccups. Beware!

Mama - Mia said...


can never win a staring match with a kid! can you?!

sushma said...

does it remind you of yourself at that age . it was worse i can say with authority. love sush

farinaz said...

i miss you!