Friday, April 17, 2009

Around the world... 80 clicks.
A tag started by Her Bad Mother
With a blog name like that I'd be happy to go on the ride- around the world, maybe even just around the playground with 80 noise producing kids.

This witty writer who has completed a book on mommyhood (and it will be anything but sugar and spice and all that is nice) has tagged me.

And so has this gorgeous lady who started a blog when she was pregnant making me want to rush to find her and actually begin that elusive film on pregnancy that I have been making.

The tag:
Guys, you need to post 5 things that you love about being a mom/dad) and find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country ..and to leave a link to the post at HBM, who started this tag.

I would have liked this to be a well thought out, warm, mushy post.

But circumstances dont allow it.

You see, while I attempt to write this, before dashing off to complete 100 other thing, I am being subjected to a 3.8 year old who insists on wearing woollen gloves, socks, pants with a thick lining and matching jacket. I am sitting in Bombay, its probably 40 degrees outside my window. Maybe 39 degrees at my desk. And she is standing between the desk and my window.

Awfully hard to be sentimental while I try and convince the child that if she wants to pretend to be in London she does not actually have to wear the clothes she did wear in London when we visited in November.

Yet I love parenthood!

A pair of tiny pink woollen gloved hands can beam me away to any land. With the requisite warm clothes.

I do the moon walk on a road teaming with cars and pedestrians because a child who is tired keeping pace with me commands me to slow down and match her step for a change. It probably is the only sensible way to negotiate the busy road. And the slower you go the whizzing cars and the busy bodies become a colourful blur.

Multiple time zones inhabit my body now. The zen, meditative mode when she will not let me help her dress up. The futuristic space age when I have to materialise next to her after she has finished her job at the potty, so that I can do my job. The Bombay traffic jam mode when we spar on any and ever issue - you have to be very still and wait in this jam. The lazy seal mode when we are lolling on the cool floor making up nonsense rhymes.

I have become a giant half done jigsaw puzzle sprawled across the floor. It took me years to neatly arrange the pieces into a complete sense of self. She came and undid it all and added a million more pieces that jiggle defiantly as I try to fit them back into place. I forgot to add, I absolutely love jigsaw puzzles.

I get to fraternise with the most exciting set of people. Honest, rude and really helpful.
At the park the other day, a little pal came upto me with a scowl.
"Hey," he said, "whats with your hair?"
"Its hot, I have had no time for a hair cut, so I tried to pin it and push it away from my face," I answered.
"Lousy. Looks funny. You look funny."
"Oh dear, then I should really get a hair cut."
"No, leave it. Looks ok they way it is."
NO ONE has ever had anything complimentary to say about my hair. This child is a pal. A rude one, but a pal alright.
And there was the little girl who called up the sun on her stone phone to bring down the heat because I was uncomfortable. Hell, she was so firm with the sun I thought she might chuck the stone phone at him if he did not comply. He was threatened enough to set soon enough.

And I tag some parents around the world whom I have never met but whose blogs feel like regularly visited homes around the neighbourhood.
India: Slogan Murugan :I trust you will do this with pictures.
UK: Ammani
UK: Where I am calling from
US: The Last Byte
US: Momstir


Sue said...

Oh, NICE! I like the bit about the stone phone. :)

Kodi's Mom said...

giant jigsaw puzzle - that was awesome!

ammani said...

Me too! I heart your 'jigsaw' line. Thanks for the tag. Will write.

Rohini said...

My brat also keeps insisting that he is feeling cold and wants to switch off the fan. What is with these kids??!

Lovely, evocative post, by the way

whereimcallingfrom said...

I've done it!!! Next time you're in London, we HAVE to meet... your daughter in all her winter finery of course!

Parul said...

Thanks for doing this, Sur. May I be the next in line to say that I loved the bit about the jigsaw? And the rest of the post!

ammani said...


Munchkin said...

OMG...the jigsaw bit was so bang on! You totally hit the nail on the head with that one.

And hey, I would love to see your film..can we see any rushes yet?

dipali said...

What zabardast imagery, Sur! WOW:)

momstir said...

will do soon, Sur. Thanks for the tag.

SloganMurugan said...

Thanks for the tag. Will surely do. :) :)
Somehow mom are superhumans. Dads can't match up. Can we?

SUR NOTES said...

hey thanks all,

And sloganmurugan : you surely dont think women have more power in this whole parenthood project! after breastfeeding was dispensed with - the father and I are back to being equals in the superpower/underdog see-saw!

farinaz said...

Ya, I get on the jigsaw puzzle admiration bandwagon for sure! It's so true, how together one feels before being a parent! Maybe that's just how I saw my parents!
Re: dads ... yes, after the birthing and breastfeeding ... it's definitely equal footing! Except: Travis claims he can see the difference between paranoid thoughts and instinct (You know, when that record of horrors starts up in your head about all the ways your child can be injured just playing on the steps!).

Poppins said...

The jigsaw one - if that is not mushy ?! Awesome tag.

momstir said...


I'm all done!

GG said...

WOW, I mean seriously wow! Everyone else would have used numbers and lines :) Not you!! I love reading your posts because they are so so original. It's nothing I could have thought of, it's nothing predictable. DITTO as Kodi's Mom - I loved that part :)

Medela freestyle breast pumps said...

I liked this post a lot, liked that stone phone thing the most, keep coming with such great posts, i enjoy coming back too your blog.


Mama-mia said...

brillaint read lady!

rest everyone has said it all!