Monday, April 13, 2009

Facebook vandals

Pink Chaddi vandalised and taken over

Dear All,

Some of you know that the Pink Chaddi facebook group has been hacked over and over again over the last month. We have written to FB about the violent messages, the defacing and the threats. Despite all over security measures the hacks have continued. Facebook has essentially fobbed us off with some form mail. As of this evening my account has been disabled. The trolls have taken over. Rather specific *grin* and anatomically correct messages have been left for me on the group. I can't get in to see what is happening but friends report that members are being deleted off the group.FB continues to stay silent. As my friend says, the first rule of Facebook activism seems to be dont use Facebook.Oh by the way the trolls have renamed the group 'A good bong is a dead bong'. Over the month there choices have been Nathuram Godse Appreciation Society, Dara Singh Appreciation group and other as I said, anatomically specific ones.Just wanted to let you know that this is what is happening. I am lobbying online and would appreciate it if you spread the word.


And here is a fantastic interview of the creator of the campaign.


Parul said...

Tagging ya!

momstir said...

Read her interview, Sur. Thanks for linking it. I finally did get the whole concept of the pink chaddi (the symbol, not the campaign)

Thanks for stopping by. Did you read my comment about your film?