Friday, April 03, 2009

Letters to Children: an excerpt

There is a precious book that I found in a forgotten corner of my mother's bookshelf. A compilation of CS Lewis' letters to children.

This book gives more insights into 'how to respond to children' than any of those prescriptive "how to..." books for parents that are flooding the market.

From the Introduction:

Fortunately for the mail carrier at Headington Quarry near Oxford, England, not everyone on the route was as famous asC.S.Lewis.Daily for over twenty years, except holidays, stack of cards and letters were delivered to The Kilns, Mr.Lewis's red brick home. As regularly as the mail arrived, the professor sat down on his deskand answered the correspondents.Indeed, nearly every morning he spent an hour or more reading the mail and writing out the replies.

One such letter, an excerpt:

Dear Hugh,

Thanks for your letter of June 14th. ........................I am thrilled to hear that your street run North as well as South, because in this country all streets (and even country roads) run in two directions at the same time. They are trained to change the moment you turn around. What is even cleverer of them they turn their right side into their left side at the same time. I have never known it fail.

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