Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my first cassette

...bought with the money some uncle or aunty must have slipped into my hand as they left home.

Side A had Qurbani.
Side B had Khubsoorat.

And i crooned...
Aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye
to baap ban jaye...

(I think my mother cracking up everytime i sang made me realise it was baat not baap.Cruel parents for not correcting me right away. But I must have made an ass of myself many many times before I figured the mistake.I think I sang it for my class in a free period. Free period???? thats what it was called!!! )

Side A: to aspire to sing sexily, huskily in a bar
Side B: to be subversive in hitler-like-d.pathak's idyllic joint family

I think it was money well spent, na?

I would have watched Qurbani2 Mr.Khan.


Banno said...

The nicest obit I've read for Mr. Khan.

And what about 'Laila, oh Laila'?

SUR NOTES said...

oh every song from the film is fantastic. and Ms. Aman's clothes? I still have a polka dot obsession.

and i hum "har koi chaahe mujhse
milna akela"

dipali said...

I loved the 'Baap ban jaaye' funda- we were much older, but still liked being wicked:)
I wonder which my first cassette was now.

NainaAshley said...

I still enjoy Qurbani songs! Got a real kick out of the 'baap' ban jaye version when I was in highschool.

Banno said...

Like your new pic. The yellow garden hoe.

Everything Random said...

Nostalgia! Amazing post

Mukul said...

And I was reprimanded each time I sang 'har koi chaahe mujhse milna akela' as an 11 year old, blissfully unaware of its carnal implications.