Friday, May 29, 2009

The ghosts and the journey back home

He had been a priest-baiter since school.

Thats what we were told.

Holy men were summoned, to talk sense into his head. Without exception they blustered out of the house. He always explained, I just asked some questions, gave some suggestions.Dont know why they left in such a hurry.

And then he made a house close to the sea, in his village, in the land where cashew and feni abound.

Thats when we got to know of the ghosts.The ones who broke into the house soon after it was built, stealing the new fittings, the taps, and whatever could be unscrewed.Everyone agreed, the ghosts visit empty houses, new houses, even houses of non believers...

Last we heard he called a priest to do the house blessing. A big feast was organised, many people fed on the food and drank the drink, and cackled about him returning to the lord after a long journey.

The feast was lavish. The blessing earnest.

Many will remember this house blessing.Even those who stray far, must come back, they will announce.

And he has been walking around, fulfilled and at peace.

"The ghosts are well fed, and wont be back in my house for a while" .

The story is based on hearsay and folklore. But I believe it, have never seen him look so pleased.


Medela Metro Bag said...

Thanks for sharing this interesting little story, i enjoyed reading it a lot, I am subscribing to your rss feeds, will definitely be back again!


ajay noronha said...

am sending you a pic of the lord himself :)

SUR NOTES said...

aj: lord of the house? or THE lord?

dipali said...

That's fascinating, Sur!

Mukul said...


Mukul said...

BTW, you are becoming like Nostradamus, all qaurtraians written in code for fear of persecution and accusations of witchcraft. Only a few would be able to read through.. Witchcraft Surabhi, witchcraft this is.. Be scared.. be very scared..