Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of Blocks and Bullets

I now seem to have a block against writing on this blog.

So maybe I should list out in precise (and sharp shooting) bullets what are the options open to me:

- Click on 'Delete this blog'.

- Start a new blog with a funky name and funkier agenda

-Convert this blog into a Sanah in the City blog- since it brings together my two loves- Sanah and talking about this city

-Continue with the blog but only write in precise bullet form- be pithy- that should be the motto.

-Shut shop and pretend this blog did not exist.

-Shut shop after saving each post.( Thats what I was meant to do almost two years back. But writing a new post was easier than going back to the archives and copying each and every one of those darned posts. Thats when I would also spot the innumerable typos. Horror!)

-Shut shop without thinking too much.

-Abandon this space and add to the virtual debris floating around.


momstir said...

In bullet fashion (minus the bullets),
You shall not abandon this blog
You may not write bullet-form
You shall write about Sanah and
the city
You shall not disappear
You may take as much time as
you'd like to write posts but
abandoning is NOT an option


Munchkin said...

Oh please don't go away..we'll miss you :(

B o o said...

Whatever you do, dont click that delete blog button. Your url will immediately be taken up by an A rated site before you can blink and all those people who have you on their readers(like me) will have the shock of their lives!! :D
And write whenever you want, yaar. You are the boss! :) *says so because she has the boss's email id!!*

SUR NOTES said...

Is that what happens when you click delete??? Sounds like fun. A bit like those facebook quizzes- which pop star are you? Which porn site have you been replaced with???

momstir, munchkin, boo: the agenda of the blog HAS to change, na?

pappu poppins said...

lol.. i enjoy ur posts attempting to shut down this space! but don't do that... whatever u write, expresses ur love for sanah and the city! you don't need a new blog for that :)

Grasshopper said...

I know what you mean. Blogging has become an addiction with me too, it has lost its fresh charm ...and I cant write anything else,,,, i think we both need some help...how does one light the first joint?

By taking a break, no?

Poppins said...


SloganMurugan said...

Seconds Momstir

Space Bar said...

empathies! :D

and the wounded buffallo aint going anywhere ya. i am. metaphorically speaking.

SUR NOTES said...

pappu, and poppins: the child is almost ready to begin reading.soon she will correcting the typos. the blog has to stop.

slogan: maybe inspiration will strike and the blog will revive into a new avtaar.

spaniard: your comment section has had me chanting busy my heart at wounded buffallo all day :)

grasshopper: am aching to come to your city- then we can talk about lighting joints and taking breaks :)

dipali said...

Whatever else you do or don't do, DO NOT close this blog. Puh-lease.

Banno said...

Really, really don't delete.
Stay away if you must.
Then come back.

farinaz said...

come to my city and light joints too!
but khabardaar tu ne yeh blog delete ki!
each morning, before i'm fully awake, as my tea steeps, i click on the following quick-links on my menubar: u.s.bank, facebook, surnotes, gmail.
this blog is my treat. my treat for tired days. my treat for working hard. if you delete it then?
i love 'sanah and the city' ...

Everything Random said...

Do i smell insecurity? C'mon now that you had your share, give us ours.

Penguin said...

You cannot shut down this blog!! Make it into a Sanah in the City blog, or just a City blog. But do NOT close it. Please!

the mad momma said...

can we vote for - dont change a thing?

karmickids said...

I will hunt you down and get you to restart Sur Notes. In bullet form.
You are allowed minibreaks.
You must come back and write in pure Sur stream of consciousness style.

Suki said...

I refuse to go all militant on you :D

1. Take hiatus if you want.
2. URL can be changed through settings.
3. Existing content on blog can be exported into one big XML file(again, Blogger settings). BUT you will lose the comments.
4. Be prepared for spam or X-rated blogs here if you leave the URL open for re-registration(which I did with my old one). URL can be blocked from reuse.