Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Sunday walk

To storm out of the house and head to a market...

And you come back with:
summer fruit-
250 gms of jamun
250gms of fanas( ripe jackfriut)
13 bangdas
1 big halwa
2kg undercut
1kg mutton chops

I missed buying the rajnigandhas, the honey straight from the honeycomb, and some more jamun.

This was a couple of sundays back. And ofcourse now i barely remember why I had stormed out.

As I attempt to distract myself from work, I think of the market lolling around in the humid heat with more wares to bring more good cheer.
-The last of the alphonso mangoes as the luscious langda will take over and erase all memory of the alhonso.
-More jamun
-The last of the really fresh water bearing vegetables- gourd(all types-ridged, smooth), kakdi, teende
-And the gulmohar trees frantically shedding their leaves to ready themselves for a less riotious look

There is a reason that water melon did not figure to high on my list this year. And the reason is the sunday film watching club that a few of us are a part of. But thats another post.


farinaz said...

Lichees and mangoes .... jamun...
Bangda is my favourite fish.
Tell about the watermelon!!

Banno said...

Sunday film watching club? Tell me, tell me. Why am I not a part of it?

SUR NOTES said...

Banno: shall take you along. so far i am the only janani watching terribly ashleel films with three marads.
f'naz: the watermelon is linked to one such ashleel film.

wordjunkie said...

juicy fruit, juicier movies?

sonal sundararajan said...

lovely lovely lovely posts

Sue said...

I *heart* langdas. Although just now we're feasting on himsagars.