Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Faux Some

The Dhurrie-in-cooker making Maid in Malaysia was pretty awe struck with my recent aero dynamic stance so she tagged me to write a few things about how awesome I am.

I peer into the magic mirror sketched by wordjunkie and shout awesome , it echoes back, fauxsome!

I take the cue.

1.I cook : not clean
2.I sing(always outloud) :without the tune
3.I spin stories : and always miss/mess up the end
4.I am a workhorse :but gallop onto the next track before reaching the end
5.I talk :I really can talk
6.I gush generously :Gushing Ganges,thats my middle name
7.I remember birthdays :Of friends I made between ages 5-25. All you who met me later, dont expect me to remember even if you reminded me yesterday!


starry-eyed said...

Hilarious! But you didn't mess up the end of this story, neither did you gush, so you're not fauxsome...you truly are awesome!

dipali said...

Sur, you are truly, awesomely delightful:)

maidinmalaysia said...

wj's mirror didn't shout fauxsome. it shouted 'sur-some'!

and after you left, it told me a whole lot more about the awesome sursome, none of which has been documented...hmpf.

SUR NOTES said...

starry-eyed: welcome!
MiM: the mirror was cracked :)

farinaz said...

oh yeah!