Friday, June 05, 2009

Graphing Discrete Points of May

-Clouds refusing to melt into rain, heart sinking

-Newschool-bigschool, school bus, batablackshoes with whitesocks, littlechild- excitedschoolgirl, butterflies in mother's stomach

-Corporate PR programme in the garb of a school orientation churns mother's stomach

-Morning newspaper eaten into by page3-type reporting white ants, nerve throbbing

-News analysis chomped off by oprah-type sentimental bandicoots, nerve bursting

-Clouds turning black and then cruising away to make way for wispy white foolish floaty page3-type clouds, blood boiling

-Fibrous langda heaven, toes curling

-Two completed films, almost, heart beating fast

-One completed proposal for film, almost, and faster

-A month of summer camp for the child, in the house, with her mother. Two A-3 size sketch books full.Painted boxes lined up.A couple of songs invented, complete with choreographed dance in the genre of kathak, ballet and monkey style jumping. A kilo lost and more anarchy gained by child. A couple of kilos lost and wrinkles gained by mother

-Pending to-do list grows like the famed beanstalk that jack grew.Giant sized guilt waiting at the other end. Kaleja shrinking.

-Father of child grows one year older, but still does not catch up with me. Did get some fantastic gifts from the older lady, even if the older lady lady says so herself. Heart bursting

- Some excellent films watched. An exquisite rough cut watched.Mind grows calm

- A lot of TV news watched. Brain goes to mush

-We are in the six month of the year two thousand and nine, blood curdling

Y Axis: Body Parts
X Axis: External Factors

Any volunteers to draw the graph?


Nat said...

The graph might look like a parabola....

Grasshopper said...

I recommend you take good care of your heart, get on the moderation path or something.

dipali said...

Too much to deal with in this heat. The film news is exciting. So is big school:)

Banno said...


If you or anyone else does succeed in making this graph, it will be like a blueprint of all our lives.

Dhanno just gave away the last of her Bata black shoes and white socks. Moan.

SUR NOTES said...

Nat: And I am spinning around inside the conic section( like those ballerinas in a glass case that go round and round), na? Thanks for giving me the image i was looking for.
GRasshopper: looking for the music in my breathing :)... you do know where i got that line from!
dipali: :)
banno: we are all parabolas!Nat said so.
was dhanno sad or relieved to get rid of the black shoes?