Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Parading Foolishness

Parents can be foolish. Thats a given.

And at times we parade our foolishness.

First day of school.
New school van.
Butterflies in stomach- said stomach belongs to parent.
The child wakes up like normal. Smiles at her uniform.Bathed, brushed, combed. Gulps her milk and is ready.

Parent blows her a kiss as the van takes off with the child.

Parent darts into a waiting car. Fellow parents and I, we tail the van.

Next stop, more parents wave good byes to their tots. Van takes off, more parents slink into cars, autos, whathaveyou.

We were a parade of one van, six cars, two autos and one veryveryvery big car, bigger than the van itself. A retinue of parents wearing anxiety like a bravery medal.

Bumbling detectives, the van driver must surely have laughed looking at the rear view mirror.

A baraat without a groom. Thats what we were. The trumpets were in the head, the drum beats in the heart.

As we reached the school we nodded politely at each other. "We must do this for the safety of our kids", we reassured each other.

I am not really sure what we did do for the safety of our kids.

Next time we bump into each other we will probably avert our eyes. Cannot see eye to eye with such unadulterated foolishness.

And yes, since yesterday was the first day, the route has already changed today. We told ourselves we needed to know the route the driver would take. In the age of mobile phones, we needed to memorise a route that has already changed.

The other parent in this house: read the newspaper, had his tea, and sent me a message- come back home, all is forgiven. He has not stopped laughing at me.


Kodi's Mom said...

LOL! Sur, you are heelarious :)

SUR NOTES said...

Kodi'sMom: you are being polite:) - moron was probably the more apt word.

Rohini said...

LOL! Love the message from the other parent :)

Sunita said...

:) ROTFL literally. And I might still end up doing the same thing next week.

Banno said...

That was hilarious. Really! But can totally understand such foolishness. Am sure you were fuming at being forgiven.

Poppins said...

I have heard of parents who do this! So you are not alone. Hilarious account.
Esp liked George's sms.

So Sanah is in new school now? LKG? I know, I should ask you on FB/email whatever.

farinaz said...

p r i c e l e s s!!!

retitle that: "parading love"

is ROTFL rolled on the floor laughing?
what's roflmao!!?

wordjunkie said...

LOL! In our case, it would have been me at home and the dear husband chasing the van. But can relate to the anxiety of putting a four year old in a strange new van.

Space Bar said...

:D poor sanah...but guess she's not old enough yet to die of embarrassment?

B o o said...

Seriously foolish! Who does that? And even if one does, who goes and admits that? Certainly not me! ;)

SUR NOTES said...

Rohini, banno, poppins: Yes, the message from the other parent completed the humiliation!

Sunita: its a pointless exercise, trust me!

F'naaz: yeah, poppins, i am not sure of the MAO after the ROTF either.

Wordjunkie: the anxiety part was fine- but i have no idea what we gained- all six cars and two autos- by tailing the van.

Spacebar: she was the first kid in the van to notice the parade! She seemed pretty pleased. thank god she is not yet four, any older and she would have wished the wicked witch had wished us away.

Boo: yeah, i am somewhat stupid like that.Look at the rush of comments. Clearly everyone loves a stupidty confession :)

Munchkin said...

ROFL! But seriously I would have probably done the same :)

Penguin said...

Hilarious this was!

ajay noronha said...

hahaha!...o sur! what would we do without you?!! :) tell g i love him.
fuzee- roll off floor laughin my ass off (which is what i did too!)

Poppins said...

Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off

dipali said...

This is unbelievable and yet oh so real! My youngest, all of five years old, in a new school 18km away from home- the very first day he goes by school bus, on the return trip the bus has a breakdown and is an hour late. That was one very very anguished mother waiting at the bus stop that afternoon.
The parade is too cute!

farinaz said...

Dipali, I can not even imagine!!!

SUR NOTES said...

munchkin:remember me when you have the urge to follow- pretty sure you wills top in your tracks.

aj:yeah i am your local joker
poppins: finally i get it
dipali: gosh, i guess will have to brace myself for these kinds of moments. must have been a craxy hour.

dipali said...

Yes, it was really scary. It was the pre-cell phone era- I dared not leave the bus stop to phone the school, and was on tenterhooks till it finally came.
I loved the 'all is forgiven' message:)

momstir said...

Sur, That is so adorable. I know I wd've joined the parade and stayed put all day.

What a wonderful story to (sheepishly) tell your daughter when she's 18 and ready for first day of college!

anja said...

you are too cute=)

maidinmalaysia said...

... wanted to say
when you lurk, you lurk alone.
but when you delurk, I delurk as well.:-)

SUR NOTES said...

momstir, anja :)
MiM: Pinch of turmeric and a couple of burnt chillies hee as well! Thats purely science!

Mukul said...

My God! I am sure you cooked up the other cars and auto rickshaws, it was just you and nobody else.. But on the other hand seen too many hyper moms around, so I shouldn't be surprised. Hee hee :)