Friday, July 24, 2009


Shoot for four days.

One day to do all the things I did in the city for six years.

Belated happy birthday wishes to old friend Ami.
Breakfast at India Coffee House.
Indulgence at Blossoms.
Two kilo Avacados bought at Nilgiris.
Meet the lovely Poppin's Mom*, unfortunately sans the girls, in Koramangala.
Bump into Designer Julie at Cunningham Road and see her beautiful shop.
Meet gorgeous Journalist friend* at Cunningham Road. She is carrying in her bag a bottle of filthy polluted water ... until its tested the story remains hush hush.
Rush to settle accounts with the nuns. This is where I made my crew stay- I have never been more pleased with my choice of lodging. But the settling of accounts takes some time because the lady with a working type writer counts my many thousands- all in hundred rupees- many times over. And gives me the change in many one rupee coins.
Pick up equipment and bags, pick up sound recordist rush to meet dear mike*, teaches film at srishti.
Old friend, and main anchor in bangalore, sush*, picks me up and takes me to her farm to meet adorable siri and kabir and quaff two glasses of wine pretty quick!

Go to airport in time to fly back home to sleeping sanah.

Now tell me you bangalore cribbers- would this have been possible in my city bombay???

* We chatter endlessly.
Poppin's mom: I was meeting you for the first time, though I feel like I have known you for years, do I chatter too much? I worry about such things after first meetings.


SloganMurugan said...

Did you spot anyone on a Scooty and stopping to click pictures on the streets?

SUR NOTES said...

I did look!!! but i thought you were out on your scooty going across the the country clicking pictures.

looked around in india coffee house as well. but all i found was the poster i was telling you about :)

Penguin said...

I love you so much for loving Bangalore this way :-)

SloganMurugan said...

So you found the poster. Great.
I was in your part of the country for a week. Now I'm back home.

maidinmalaysia said...

no death by chocolate @cornerhouse?
that is almost as highly recommended as the bookstore? no?

farinaz said...

You Wonderwoman, you!

Grasshopper said...

Hey, what about me? You could at least have called, no.

Ja, katti.

SUR NOTES said...

penguin :)
MiM : i barely got the time to indulge my stomach on that day-except for the breakfast and coffee :(

SUR NOTES said...

grasshopper: i swear you were on my list, but this is all i could manage- maafi maafi chahiye

Poppins said...

Oh hey ! I didn't even write about it, becuase I didn't even feel like I was meeting a blog friend.

Yes you do chatter a lot. And yes I loved it. Happy? :) Didn't feel like an hour went by. Did I unnerve you with my quietness? - please say no.

Next time with bacchas ok?

SUR NOTES said...

poppins: you do know you gave the wrong answer!
you ought to have said, and i quote, "no, you are not a chatterbox and not easily excitable, you are dignified and speak slowly and graciously." or something like that...
damn, i will have to go back and do something about my self image!!!