Saturday, July 04, 2009

The contemporary

She knows MJ will not sing anymore. And that people were out and about on bangalore and dilli streets with rainbow bodies.

She croons 'emotional atyachaar'.And asked where Congress and BJP had their party, and that BJP lost the big party game.

A plane broke in the sea. And Mamta rides a train in today's papers.

But to make meaning she breaks it all down slowly, Ss-Ee-Aa-Ll-Ii-Nn-Kk.

Fragmented like that, I try to make sense of all of it, all over again.


dipali said...

I wonder how much of it means to her what it does to us!
I remember being tiny and knowing that there was someone important called Eisentower:)

SUR NOTES said...

And I remember we were on a bridge, in the rain, and somehow we got to know that Indira Gandhi lost the elections. I still keep wondering, was it the transistor, or did the traffic on the bridge pass the news on to us.
I keep trying to make meaning the way she does- it makes more sense somehow.