Friday, July 17, 2009

old friends

do not sit on a park bench like bookends,

they take you to 'the new book shop in town with rave reviews' after a fulfilling breakfast at india coffee house.Ostensibly to buy me a birthday gift.

Humming 'old friends', and greedily thinking of new books I trot along.

The shelves are heavy with....umm, rows and rows of uniformly sized books- all in an indecipherable script.

Ah, that explains the chic Japanese name of the bookshop.


Penguin said...

Oh oh oh, is this the bookshop in Brigade Gardens (the same building as Coffee House)? Is it any good? Tell tell, I'm dying of curiosity!

SUR NOTES said...

its a bookshop selling japanese books!
i dont know if there is anyother.

choxbox said...

oh you in namma ooru? welcome welcome.

Amrita said...

Hmph! Old friends also re-introduce you to Haruki Murakami, Kazuo Ishiguro and other Japanese greats - so maybe you were just being primed for the read!

LOL! Btw, the look on the face of the man seated inside was almost as good as ours. He must get this a thousand times a day!

wordjunkie said...

To think a Japanese bookshop is easier to find than one selling Hindi books these days..

Banno said...

Japanese! And who buys the books?? Strange.

The bookends reminded me instantly of a metal sculpture we have in our society garden, two kids on a bench reading books, and they do look like bookends, and of course, a real kid never sits there reading a book.

Forgive the early morning ramble.

SUR NOTES said...

choxbox- unfortunately for a very few days.

wj: you bet! if you go into town go to people's book house- they have hindi books.

banno: :)

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Mukul said...

Oi. Write new post.