Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swine Flu sms

I have some pet peeves and they never fail to get me riled up.
TV and press reportage top the list. Ads come a close second.

The font on my front page gets larger everyday, the information is exactly the same.
Statistics that are foxing- 10 new confirmed cases, 2 critical, one dead but maybe due to hypertension. Today I managed to spot some figures on how many people have recovered after treatment.

In short,I just dont know what to base my panic on, other than the fact that yesterday's screaming headline is now hollering at me with a sound system from hell.

And today -this
BMC conducted an opinion poll through sms- asking 1000 random people- should schools and colleges be closed down?

The State body that should be assessing the situation based on scientific analysis and advice from the medical fraternity asks 1000 random people what their inner being seems to feel about this issue. The first time I have heard of state institutions borrowing ideas from Ads- what an idea sirji!

I am outraged, yes.

I got the message from a parent class represetative yesterday telling me that the school would be shut until monday. I had got the message already from other parents. I asked, "Why has the school been closed down?" A parent of Sanah's friend said,"Its good. Better safe than sorry." I said, "I have no problems about the school being closed, but do we know why its been closed down today- has any child/chidren tested positive?" I think thats the least we should know - if that is the case then I need to be a little more vigilant. But if the school has closed down based on the BMC poll then all I can do is chant, what an idea sirji!

I am as anxious as the next parent. Since children seem to be more vulnerable.
But why were we not as jumpy when other air,water,mosquito borne potentially deadly disease broke out? I suspect it was because we did not have to deal with those complications with a visit to one, and only one, hospital.

Maybe the BMC should spend more time in allaying the fears of all of us who think a visit to a government hospital, and worse being quarantined there, is akin to hell. It is tough, but it is not hell.

Surely our perception of a virus cannot be based on this fear of hell. We are not dealing with voodoo in this day and age.

And I wish someone could explain to me why both the testing and the treatment needs to be centralised.


Space Bar said...

ha! at last! i thought i was the only one who was being callous and uncaring.

sure, we need more efficient testing centres and we need to take as much care we can, but really - what's the use in panicking?

and you should do what i do - turn the tv off!

SUR NOTES said...

tv is barely on these days. She limits my news watchingto half an hour! but how do i cure my two-newspapers-in-the-morning addiction?

choxbox said...

and we get 4 newspapers. all with different stats and opinions.

wordjunkie said...

The Imps school shut down too, entirely under pressure from parents. And there is much mindless swallowing of various tablets and wearing of masks happening in my area.

MiM said...

i think future shock is here already.

i had mine when i saw a school van full of masks. what do four-year-olds know of keeping on a mask for an entire day @ school ?

Mama - Mia said...

someone sane enough, finalement! Hubby too has been harping the same stuff. whats the point of closing down schools? when will we get propah stats and more medical facilities!

i almost puked my guts out when i read "war on virus" headline! as if we arent done ODing on war on terror!


Banno said...

Great! Exactly my sentiments. I keep the TV off, but yes, those 2 papers in the morning get to me. I am convinced that they are the major cause of any depression that I suffer.

SUR NOTES said...

choxbox: even Hindu made a mess? i miss that paper in bby!
WJ: vitamin c is out of stock in the market! between cell phone companies and pharma cos, a lot of money is being made!
MiM: mine came back from school saying she wanted a greenmask because the kid in class who wore one had a cool way of ripping it off his face!
M-Mia: war on virus? groan!!!( and the war seems to waged through sms alone!)
Banno: depression stalks us-i saw loveaajkal

choxbox said...

for Vit C - grate aamla and squeeze the juice. mix it with honey. one spoonful in the morning - this season it has certainly helped keep my kids from colds/coughs. so far.

dipali said...

I went to the supermarket to discover only the housekeeping staff wearing masks and the cashiers and other sales staff not. I couldn't get this funda, nor the entire fear psychosis which gives us even more reasons to be laid back and lazy. Majorly confused:(

starry eyed said...

I think we could all stop panicking if there weren't all these FAKE viruses also giving people fevers and's hard to tell the difference especially with a small sick kid:(

Yes, the crux of the problem is that you can't go anywhere to get tested, diagnosed and treated. One or two bleddy hospitals for lakhs of people...can the govt not work out the logistics? Of course not, Karnataka's health minister is lapatta. And they still think people are catching the flu from foreigners. Case closed. But not yet schools closed:)

Priya said...

yeah..its crazy!! My mom is toatlly panicked due to all this swine flu hype and now she has asked me to cancel my india trip!!!and yeah "better safe than sorry" is her mantra...