Friday, September 11, 2009

I have got used to seeing the cold, sanitised, botoxed people and landscapes of the hindi cinema we have today. Yes, even films like kaminey, trying to make a break, have essentialised and standardised the gritty 'gangster' genre.

So nothing, nothing prepared me for THIS:
It is fantastic.


B o o said...

Nothing prepared me for this even though I had read reviews and knew what was coming. Cant even say I loved it. I was speechless after the movie and very few movies have doen that to me.
You watched it with subtitles? Was it decent?
The other day I was talking to my sis about rural subjects and how there are nt that many in Hindi movies as its in Tamil. And wondering if its because of the audience? or that the film makers themselves are all urban?

SUR NOTES said...

Hindi mainstream films are the creation of an elaborate marketing/pr machinery. The details of the scripts happen along the way, if at all. You have a one line concept that sells, you have the stars, and you put together an imagination that appeals to the NRI and metro audiences. Thats it.

I saw a subtitled DVD, pretty decent. i loved the film. But a more detailed review after I have seen a couple more.

Ronnie said...
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Ronnie said...

One of the many reasons I am glad I understand the Tamil language inspite of it not being my mother tongue-the films.In touch with rural reality, rugged and honest.
I suggest you add Paruthiveeran's contemporaries - Subramaniapuram [] & Pasanga [] to your list of to-be-seen movies