Tuesday, September 08, 2009

chandeliers of desire

Unlike a weeping willow, this chandelier is not partial to the waterfront, it droops in all directions. But its spine is upright and arrogant in its pull of gravity.

It sweeps over my knees, this flashing mass of plastic.

Fourth, on a seat meant for three broad hips,I cannot escape the seduction of pink and green. Us ladies of the last seat, huddle around, basking in its light.

There are shiny hair clips to be plucked from this tree of plenty. Chandelier earrings of ruby red, purple rings flecked with gold, a crimson carnation strung onto a black band.

She sowed this tree upside down, on the handle lurching above me. And walked away, sure of those greedy hands that will reach out to partake from the mystic flash of sunlight bouncing off the chandelier.

She handed me my change and went and sprouted the willowy, wily, chandelier onto another handle, elsewhere.

I got off at the last station, before the stomping crowds filled up every footprint worth of space. This ride will have no place for floating willows.

The loot: All hair clips. Blue shiny stones. Funny girly faces on stripes.Pink haired swirls on stern black pins.

Last time the loot was : ten little nails painted silver. the child proposed the idea, and she, with the tray full of colours, happily obliged.


Space Bar said...

Paro was also drooling over clips some time ago. I miss the locals!

dipali said...

Lovely- pics of the loot please!

SUR NOTES said...

But these are not just clips- there are a million baubles strung together- looped onto a hook, it sways in your face. there is no escape.

dipali: i was looking to photograph the mass of potential loot. damn camera phone did not get it.

anja said...

no pictures needed your words are so evocative I could seeing the loot swaying with the movement of the train. When we were home last Anika was beside herself when one of those girls plonked a dabba in my lap full of clips and stickers! We hoarded many beautiful trinkets and made in China stickers of cats=)

choxbox said...


lovely post.

SUR NOTES said...

anja, choxbox: fellow fans of bombay locals? :)

wordjunkie said...

lovely post. The chandeliers are my favourite thing on the trains too.