Thursday, September 10, 2009

The tag about handmade stuff

A tag from here

The House that Nani Built :
Ready to be discarded thermacol packing is transformed into this...

Her nani remembers to hang the lamp sanah made in school "you need lamps in your house"she said. To cover a hole in the wall,  a thick greeting card was used- "you need paintings on your wall"...

Hand made house. It was cherished and looked after for days until the thermacol began falling apart.

Blackboard built by Sarada : She collected buttons to stick on the border. The fish chappal is a favourite.

The rocking horse is from here
The cupboard I made for her birthday ( the falling fairy, with her frumpy dress, has got many snide remarks but the child likes her and did not ask, why is she falling if she has wings? Fairies like the thrill of a free fall!)
And a treasure chest that her father got for her that I painted
She has a treasure trove of handmade toys brought by friends from their travels. An old lady spinning yarn, from Turkey. A peruvian mud bird whistle. Wooden toys from here there and everywhere- most working on the simple principle of gravity and force- they spin, they waddle, they shimmy down. Painted butterflies,  puppets- some that get animated by fingers or hands, others come alive through shadow, and one needs her mother's multiple hands. Each of our friend's go out of their way to find that something interesting, mostly  inexpensive, but completely mesmerising.
An accordion came all the way from texas, a wooden tool set from seattle, and a bullock cart from the b'lore-mysore highway. A string of multi coloured snails and caterpillars gifted by this blogger.
She was gifted her first barbie a couple of months back. I balked for a bit, but what the hell, every girl deserves a barbie. But does the poor barbie with her silvery dress deserve a monkey finger puppet on her head? Or this hand made squirrel as her limo?

In b'by:  wooden toys , and the most unexpected, crazy things can be found in chaotic markets and trains.( we found a porcelain tea set for the child in an old furniture market. no, its not bright and plastic, yes, it can break, but it is so so pretty with its little pink roses)
The expected and the branded- in malls and shops that advertise themselves as toy shops  ( Read this)


wordjunkie said...

ooh, lovely!! can the Imp and i come over to play?

SUR NOTES said...


but the house is broken.

the blackboard is there.

and the falling fairy could do with some help from the wordjunkie. her dress falls wierdly.

choxbox said...


and look at those fairies - they beat the pink-sequin-clad coyly smiling disney ones any day!

can i please link this post?

karmickids said...

Its a lovely world...and one that Sanah is the princess of, she dont need no Barbies.

SUR NOTES said...

choxbox: ofcourse you can. but the bad cell phone photos are bugging me- i might just take the post off until i take some nice pictures.

kiran: she will grow up to be a branded, pink plastic, toy manufacturer, i just know it!!!

choxbox said...

sur: and my two barbie-deprived girls will be her partners.

MiM said...

you are a fantastic artist -- quentin blakey?
the rocking horse is wow!
and not a trace of pink on your fairy -- i like her hair -- it looks like it's oiled everyday (like mine )

what a unique home you have.
love to sanah, the gentle owner of so many lovelies.

aunty mim

dipali said...

I love the cupboard and the trunk and the rocking horse and the house that Nani built etc etc etc- lovely stuff, Sur.
The falling fairy is a darling.

sonal sundararajan said...

beauttilful only it is.

SUR NOTES said...

MiM, Dipali, Sonal: Oh kind friends, the concept of the fairy is cute- but her actual dress needs desperate touching up. Its falling all wrong, should it curve up or down? or be bell shaped??? But her blue and orange striped stockings ending in the door knobs turned out nicely.

Mama - Mia said...

this stuff is amazing!! :)

adopt me, please?! :)