Monday, October 12, 2009

Travelling with a child

All travel articles that are kind enough to write about travelling with a child seem to think that child friendly places= resorts with kiddie play areas, and pools.

When they list fun things for children to do, they list amusement parks, zoos, and more places with play areas and pools.

Trails through forests, chaotic bazaars, expansive monuments built on a whim of epic proportions- they just dont make it to 'child friendly lists'.

They should meet my friends who have been taking their little girl on tough treks ever since she entered their lives.

And my friends whose child went through a surgery the day she was born. My friends were told that the child would take two years to recover. They took her on a three day biking trip at seven months. On her quarterly trip to the doctor they were told, " Whatever it is that you are doing is remarkable, your child seems to have recovered from the surgery even before she has turned one."

These are the travel stories I am surrounded with.

Hopefully Sanah will enjoy road tripping in the north east. I hope she encounters wild orchids along the way.
And I hope she plucks magic moments as we move around.


choxbox said...

Totally agree. Real experiences are far more interesting than artificial stuff.

Wishing you guys lots of magic. Come back with lots of tales to tell us!

dipali said...

You bet! With magical folks like you around there is no other choice.

Mumbai Paused said...

Yay!. Carry a video camera and make a film of the world as she sees it without her knowing that ypu are filming her.

Gopal M S

sraikh said...

Oh I am composing apost about this..

I hate amusement parks. hate the expensive tickets, hate the waiting in lines, hate everything.

Yet, people would ask whether you have been to Disneyland or Universal instead of have you been to Big Sur/ The Giant Redwood Trees

farinaz said...


Mama - Mia said...

true! any resort we have been to Cubby never played on the swings or the slides. he was more than happy to enjoy wide open spaces, flowers and animals around.

yes! your post makes a whole lot of sense! :)

have fun you guys!


Sue said...

Welcome to Cal, Sanah and Sur!

Aneela Z said...

you are my travelling with kids soul sister!!

Sanjay Maharishi said...

totally agree. what to do with a child in summer holiday? i think amusement parks and the like are for those with less imagination. but then, i'm surrounded with people who don't send their children to school at all! so no question of vacations... and fun and work merge into one... that's magical too. nice post, loved reading it.

Trish said...

I am so with you here!I would love to go on a magical road trip with our little girl..
HAve a great trip..:)

sush writes said...

No wonder you turned out the way did. we took you to a dingy movie hall when you were one month old. you traveled third class sleeper when you were a year old in the heat of north . You learnt to enjoy everything . Thank god for that ... sanah is another toughie .found eating from others lunch boxes on train much more interesting . so all the best to all the adventures she will meet on the way.

SUR NOTES said...

choxbox,dipali, Mama-mia, trish: thanks

gopal ms: no video camera for me- i am already obsessive- if i begin filming her then my work will come to a standstill!

sraikh: loved the forsts your kids imagined out of the driftwood.

fnaz: well, the two of you with aisha are an inspiration , you know that!

sue: thanks so much for a lovely evening.

aneela z: thanks for dropping by. and would love to read your travel stories.

sanjay: do keep writing about what you and your son are tripping about- i enjoy your facebook pictures.

sush writes: hmmmmph!